The Best Part About Being a Dadpreneur?

It’s ten to nine.

It’s quiet.

Well, relatively quiet – the TV is singing at me – literally (it’s the semi final of the X Factor). That’s the ‘bad’ part.

But the good part is all three kids are in bed, asleep, and its quiet upstairs.

That great feeling once the kids are down and we get adult time. The time when I move from number 5 in the list to number 2.

What You’re Told As An Expectant Dad

You’re told as an expectant dad: “You know you’ll be demoted to the bottom of the list?”, and you laugh, and smile and agree with those who tell you. You’re not really taking it in, worrying more about what’s about to happen.

Fast forward four point five years, and now there’s three of them.

So I’m fifth on the list.

My wife wonders why I don’t want a pet…

…another mouth to feed?

Another level to be demoted?

No-thank-you-very-much 🙂

And did I tell you yet all three are girls?

Shotgun or Samurai – the weapon of choice for a Dad of 3 Girls?

When people meet my daughters, they’re usually gushing on how beautiful they are, and then they quickly follow with: You’re going to be a busy dad when they’re older!

daddy and katie at noahs ark in los angeles

daddy and daughter at noahs ark in los angeles

I tell them now (after lots of practice) that I’ll be investing in a Samurai sword.

They look puzzled, until I tell them: “Well a double barrelled shotgun only has two chambers.  A Samurai will cover all three, and much easier to clean.”

It’s also cheaper too.

No need for ammo 🙂

Going Back To The Bottom of the Pile as Dad

What people don’t tell you though, is that yes: It’s wonderful being a dad of 3 beautiful daughters, but god its hard work.

Hard to keep control of emotions when everyones tired and the intelligence creeps out… testing it’s limits… when only mum will do, but she’s not available and you feel like you’re in a skirmish without a weapon.

Hard to keep a successful business running, and growing, when your time to think clearly is limited to a few small windows each day.

Sleep becomes as precious as diamonds, and as valuable as crude.

It’s hard being number 5.

Which is why Dad’s need their own me-time.

Our own space.

Whether it’s our football team

Our ‘silly’ games – iPad, iPod, Tools in the shed?… take your pick

I’m watching the replay of England versus New Zealand as I write this – there’s a great Saturday night for you 🙂

But The Best Bit About Being a Dad?

There’s a much larger list on the good than the bad, but there’s one moment – and its probably the same for every dad out there.

The one thing that when it happens, everything else melts away.

The screaming

The tears

The tantrums

And they’re all just mine…

…but they’re all a distant memory when they smile…

Just a single smile.

Then you feel like number one…


…do you agree?

As a Dadpreneur… what do you think?