A Drinking or Friend Problem? The joy of an Entrepreneur…

The Solo Journey…

I sat on the couch last night, unwinding after a productive day, beer in hand, and thought to myself:

I’m sitting here drinking alone in an evening.

Do I have a drinking problem or a friend problem?

It’s 9.30pm, and there’s plenty of beer in the fridge for me…

…so it’s definitely a friend problem… 🙂

But that’s the life of an entrepreneur isn’t it?

The Lonely Solopreneur?

I actually heard the saying ‘solopreneur’ recently – and yes, being an entrepreneur, working hard to make a different somewhere, to someone (or many someones) is sometimes lonely. And whether its the lonely or the challenges you face – they are not easy.

Far from it.

And then I started thinking back through the years of work, effort, sweat, the (hidden) tears, the frustrated out-loud screams… sometimes that list’s just before breakfast.

But please don’t get me wrong.

The A-Ha Moments

Every frustration and scream has led to an a-ha moment. A fine-tune in direction – sometimes a complete U-Turn. Whether closing a company, firing a client, or building/creating a new something to help an even more right type of someone.

It only takes one lightbulb moment that you help someone else get, for them to tweak what they do, even change their whole life direction – I’ve helped others have lots of those, and that makes it all worth while.

Mastercard = Priceless

Definitely can’t put a value on some of those priceless moments.

A bit like when you get frustrated with your children, that build up, the stress, the anger,…

that all melts away with one smile from them… 🙂

It’s definitely worth it, going out alone – solo – and I wouldn’t swap it for a ‘job’ ever again.

The freedom of choosing your life, on your terms, to help those you’re meant to help…

That’s me (for now).

And You?

Do you agree?

What’s the single best thing for you about being ‘solo’?