Belief (part 2)

In the last note on Belief, it was about making sure you believed in yourself.

No one else truly will, so you need to make sure you have that set.

But as we dig deeper, and scratch the top of that ant hill, we need to look further into the catacombs of what’s driving us…

…Think of it like musical notes…

We’ve got Majors and Minors.

And whilst believing in yourself is one of the majors, there’s so many minors that are underpinning, that we need to keep an eye on…

  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Success
  • Family
  • Parenting
  • Standard of Living
  • Hygiene
  • Food
  • Exercise

…the list does go on much further, but those above are top of mind as I sit here thinking of my own life, and what I consider dear to me…

And in each of these, every-single-one-of-them will come with its own belief system

And likely you’ve gotten the base of it from your parents

Yeah Yeah, I can hear the screams back at the screen saying: “who do you think you are? 
“How do you know how i grew up and 
“My parents love me to the moon and back


You might not agree with me, 

but ask any psychologist, and they’ll tell you that your parents, and your environment growing up, shaped you to be the person you are today

…With the beliefs you have today…

And as you design your environment, with those who you surround you today, do they support your existing (old) beliefs? 
And maybe they’re not healthy for you? 
(but its ok ‘coz your friends say it is) 

Or do you surround yourself with people who live the life and have the beliefs you want, so they’re a positive impact on you?

So I’ll just propose this:
If you ever have a problem with any one of the beliefs I’ve listed, spend some time trying to figure out what the underpinning belief is, that’s giving you the outcome you’re having today.

Once you understand it, you can put a name to it, and you can fix it 

(whether you do fix it though is entirely up to you)

Heres an example:

You feel unfit in some way

So we go like this…
Not exercising enough? 
Why not? 
Not important enough? 
Your family and friends aren’t really bothered if you exercise enough?
So it seems easy to avoid it, or prioritise something else?

Ask yourself these questions instead:
Don’t you value your quality of life? 
Don’t you care about your loved ones (because you may die earlier than you could if you stay healthy?) 
Do you need to surround yourself with people who’ll help you succeed in keeping fit (so you can borrow their belief system, until its embedded as your new one)

This isn’t for me to tell you what to do, just to help you notice if it’s slowing you down

And whatever you choose to focus on, just remember this:
“Control what you can, 
Cope with what you can’t, 
and Concentrate on what counts*”

If you’re here to do something great in the world, let’s get that done shall we?

Because there’s only one of you in this world, and I know you really want to make a difference…

Keep going, 

Be you, 

And help as many people as you can,

*Quote adapted from The Perfect Day Formula Book – written by my coach, client and friend, Craig Ballantyne –