I love to help others, but…

I love to help others, but…

…every now and again I need help too, and this is one of those times…

…let me explain:

I had a chat with someone last week, who told me that my two core expert skills of technology and marketing could be combined into something quite powerful – there’s a lot of marketers out there, and there’s a lot of techhies out there, but there’s not very many people who are strong in both (so I keep getting told the more I ask around!!)

My Head Hurts…

I’ve since spent the past 4 days letting it bounce around my head, my whiteboard, in my conversations with others, trying to work out what that could look like

I thought that if I wrote down here where I’m upto so far, many more people could add their views, to help me clarify what’s in my head, and to stop my head from hurting… ;o)

The WHAT I want to do hasn’t changed: I want to help experts, those who coach or consult, get more clients. When I help those, they help more people, and so my efforts help many more people.

The Three Quick Questions

So how can I use my innate talents to help?

Here’s the ideas I’ve got so far – And I’ve got three questions for you of this list:
a. Which jump out at you,
b. and why?
c. Is there anything that you think I’ve missed that you’d love help with which is along the same lines as these?

The Target Result?

The result will be more leads, sales then profits for those who trust me to help them.

The Ideas

The ideas of how I’d do that are:
1. “All In One” – An all-in-one complete marketing solution for busy Experts/Coaches/Consultants. You’ll spend 1-2 hours a month with me and my whiteboard, we’ll design a Marketing Campaign for you, and my team will implement it all – the technology system, the lead generation, the copywriting, the tracking, fulfillment, you name it, we’d do it. Everything. Each month. To supercharge your business.

2. “You Do The Words” – Close to an all-in-one – the setup and the whiteboard, but you create your own words, and then my team can lock and load it into the system for emailing, letters, postcards, SMS, whatever…

3. Instead of a done for you (with #1 and #2), do I show you how I do it (Marketing and Technology), so you can learn to do it yourself, and have me as a coach to support you along the way?

4. Perhaps even #3 with a group of other like minded people to share what’s working now in other areas to help you even more? (aka Mastermind group)?

5. Or maybe something else?

(and as an extra note, and thanks to Patti for her inspiration on this, I’d add a ‘discovery session’ up front, 1-2 hours with me @ $497 to work out what you need in your business for #1 and #2 (and in that session, we may even find there’s an easier ways that you hadn’t thought about that I can point you to, in case I don’t have the perfect fit, but it’d save you hours/days/weeks of looking!))

What Do You Think?

Which jump out at you,
and why?
Is there anything that you think I’ve missed that you’d love help with which is along the same lines as these?

Thanks in advance for your help, and I look forward in helping you in return in the very near future…