Saving $800 in 2 minutes for only $5

Sounds like a bargain basement sale doesn’t it?

But it’s not.

It’s how to be smart(er) with your time, and I’ll share what happened with me this morning, to see how you can put this into your day/business/life.

Outsource smartly

I spend a good portion of my time on outsourcing. Documenting processes so that a large amount of tasks in my business can be run and executed really well by others. Those others I hand pick and are dotted around the globe (which is quite nice as I’m in the countryside here in New Zealand).

But I came across a new service this morning and thought I’d try it out…

The service?

Fancy Hands

The result?

Pretty impressive first impressions… let me share what happened, and see how you can use this…

I signed up for Fancy Hands in the kitchen on my way to the car, to take my daughter to school.

As I was driving back from dropping her off, I recorded three quick voice messages on my phone.

I got back to my desk and there was the welcome email from Fancy Hands with how I could send them jobs to do.


I added their email to my contacts, and then quickly emails the three voice recordings one after another:

1. My friend banged into my car, can you find a good local panel painter…

2. I’m thinking of buying a macbook pro retina, but will be in the US in 7 weeks, can you get the best price in the US and convert to NZ for me?

3. do you do transcription services?

I started working on a client project and promptly forgot about the tasks.

An hour later, I jumped into my email to check about a next meeting I have, and low and behold, I’ve got answers already for #2 and #3 in my inbox!

Here’s the answer to #2:


Here is the cheapest price I could locate for the Apple® – MacBook® Pro with Retina display – 15.4” Display – 8GB Memory – 256GB Flash Storage

It’s located at Best Buy-$2,149.99 (US dollars) with free shipping.The conversion to New Zealand Dollars is $2634—

I hope this helps!”

Yes it does, thank you very much (considering retail here in NZ is 3,499, I just saved $855!!)

And also there’s a link there so i can go straight to it.

Not too shabby for $25 a month for 5 tasks ($5 a task!), and if you have lots of these, then only $97 for unlimited…

I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll be on unlimited by Monday… 🙂

Go on – spend $25 and check it out and see what it can do for you – if this can work for you, you’d be a bit crazy not to: Fancy Hands

And if there are other time saving tips you’ve got, feel free to share, I love learning new ways to work smarter for myself and my cool clients…