“Shave Me, Baby!”

Now that’s a strange conversation starter in any situation, but when two blokes are talking to each other in the local football club, it makes you wonder…

…but before I explain about the shaving, I’ll quickly introduce myself (the short version):

– An Englishman who got drunk one night in London, met a Kiwi lass, and woke up in New Zealand (and have stopped drinking since)

– Proceeded to get married in St. Andrews ‘about’ 6 years ago (my wife knows exact dates)

-Said: “I’d never live in Cambridge, it’s too small!”…

. . .then we moved here 2 years ago (guess who wears the trousers!?). A week after arriving joined the Cham­ ber of Commerce (as a sponsor). A week after that joined Cambridge Football Club (as a sub).

Have loved it ever since!

I spend every day helping business owners grow their business – some locally, most are Australian and US based- All 0c4f8853783cf4e832314f9f3bb2d0863888ca1fdone from RD1.

Every fortnight I read the Comedy Chiropractors column (aka Gareth (who I strongly recommend if you’ve got a sore back)), and thought I’d do the same: Every two weeks, sharing insights into how to grow a business.

But we’ll start the business growth next time, ok?

This time, its about two blokes talking about shaving…

…and a friend at football is shaving his hair for charity- Ian Matthews (with hair): –

He’s raising money for Leukaemia and Blood Cancer in “Shave for a Cure”

A hat tip to him already- he’s raised $1, 500 through his own efforts, so I thought I’d dedicate my first column to help.

Here’s his fundraising page: http://jamielikes.me/shavemeonlinelogo-shave-2

I’ve done my part, sharing this with you.

Now its your turn, if this is your thing.

See you in a fortnight…