The History of Man Flu

What’s Man Flu All About?

So, where does Man Flu come from? The History of Man Flu

Was it in the 1800’s when some bloke lay on the couch and had one of those old fashioned brass bells and rung it and his wife came, and he thought to himself “Wow, this actually works”; and then he started to tell his friends, and it grew from there?

And now today, if a man feels bad, or if he’s got a headache, or if he’s just feeling a bit sick, he can pull the Man-Flu card out and then everyone around him will understand;

“It’s okay” they’ll say… “he’s got Man Flu”, as the hand goes around the shoulder and the concerned brows crinkle… and as the wife or the girlfriend comes to help.

Just imagine if we didn’t have Man-Flu!

What would happen then?

The world would end?

As blokes we’d harden up a bit? 🙂

But before I alienate every bloke who reads this – think about it this way:

Imagine if we didn’t have an excuse like that as a man to be able to be pithy;

I don’t even use the word “pithy” but it’s probably the right word in this situation.

And now stop for a moment and think like this:

Think about that sentence across everything else that you do.

“Imagine if we didn’t have an excuse like…THAT…”

What Holds You Back To The Next Level?

What other excuses have you got built-in? Hard wired?

From other people telling you? From your past when growing up?

Excuses that’ll be stopping you from getting to the next level…

I hear a few of these quite frequently:

“I don’t know how to do websites.”

“I don’t know how to market online.”

“I can’t put myself out there with my own personality – that’s not how things are done here.”

(you can add much bigger, impactful statements instead of those above)

So what can you do about this?

Here’s The Solution…….

Just because you don’t know something doesn’t mean it’s not right for you, and likely it’s the “not knowing” holding you back.

So instead of saying to yourself “I don’t know that” or “I can’t do that”, swap it around

Ask better questions instead:

Where can I get help for that?

What book do i need to read?

Who can I talk to?

What resource is available to help me?

And if your current challenge is a technical one – easy – that’s what Technology For Coaches is here for, just to help get rid of the “I’m a technophobe”, and replace it with “I just built my own website!” or “I can now run a webinar!!!”

All put together, essentially to hand the learning on a platter, for your technology needs as a coach.

Find out more here: Technology for Coaches – Helping Coaches with Technology

And if your issue today isn’t technology, spend time working out what’s holding you back and then start working out the right questions to ask.

Is the belief system that you’ve got today, i.e. Man Flu, really right for your business? Or;

Do you truly really think there’s another way?