Building Wealth

The weather and money:

One of those is talked about often, but you have no control over it.

Money on the other hand – we need to talk more about it, to help each other learn, so we can better use the money we earn to build true wealth for ourselves and our family.

The Dirty “Money”?

Why is money such a taboo subject?

If I had a choice of being happy with or without money, I choose the money thanks – it gives you many more options to enjoy your life in many more ways.

To simplify it: Life’s too short to not make the most of it, isn’t it?

My wife and I are spending both time and money learning about ways to increase our wealth.

There are lots of different ways to build your own wealth – like most of everything in life, there are lots of options, but we’ve picked two topics to learn about, to invest both time and money to help us better grow wealth for our children.

I wanted to share our journey here, to start the conversation, so you can join in if you’d like…

Property as One Vehicle to Long Term Wealth

The first is property – just finishing working through a Rich Dad Poor Dad Coaching programme, to better arm ourselves with the skills needed here. Have already invested in four properties, some very profitable, some not so much, and as we work through the education, you can see the mistakes made earlier on.

But that’s ok.

Life’s all about learning and sharing, to try and make sure those who want to get ahead can learn from your mistakes too.

Hence this page.

Second area that we’ve been spending time learning is Forex:

Forex as a Second Vehicle to Long Term Wealth

Forex (Foreign Exchange) is highly misunderstood on the one hand, and also because of that misunderstanding, there are lots of charlatans (best word for it), selling magic pills for people to profit from Forex.

I came across Forex through one of my clients, who’s a globally ranked Forex Coach.

From the behind-the-scenes, I’ve been able to see it consistently work, and see lots of others learn from my client and build wealth successfully using his course.

But if you’ve never heard of Forex, then his course wouldn’t be right for you (as he’s an expert in helping those who’ve been in forex for a little while), and so I put together this site, to try and help others who are on the same learning journey i’ve just been through: Jamies Forex Journey – if that’s of interest, check it out.

As I said before, I wanted to share our journey here, to start the conversation, so you can join in if you’d like…

Remember though, there’s a long list of rules in whichever country you’re in, mine too, that say I’m not qualified to give financial advice.

That’s true.

I don’t have a certificate.

My area of expertise is Business Growth, using Marketing and Technology to help you get more Clients, Customers, Profits, etc.

But I am a business owner, a dad and a husband, who’s trying to learn how to build Wealth with the profits from my business, to help my family – so what’s wrong with sharing that?

Answers on a post card, or just in the comments box below… 🙂