What a 3 year old can teach you about Success

We forget things don’t we?… …it happens all the time, we’re either too busy or its age – but I witnessed this today and didn’t want to miss out on sharing a success lesson with you: I spent most of my morning with my 3 year old Emily. I knew that even though it was […]

50 done, and I’m just getting started…

I’ve just put my pen down… Is it me, or when you write a lot with your pen, you think you’re back in school in an exam? Maybe just less the sweaty palms? Or the knowing that tonights writing might actually come to something? Brainstorming 50 I was brainstorming headlines for a client – I’m […]

Hold on a cotton-pickin’ minute

That’s what I just said to a friend in America… “Hold on a cotton pickin minute!” Do you do that? Switch into local lingo as though your saddling up next to them to have a chat, even though you’re either 5 or 5,000 miles away? And then I asked: how long is a cotton-pickin minute? […]