What’s your X Factor?

Here’s something to think about over the weekend… I’m going to pose you a question Do with it what you will… – think about it – discard it – change your life with it …totally your call ūüôā And what is the question? It’s “What’s your X Factor”? I’ve used the same question twice this […]

Many Entrepreneurial Lessons Wrapped Up In One Place

I was going to write this on Tuesday, when I first read the news. But I wanted to wait until today for a reason. It’s about a guy who died. And yes, it’s sad. Very moving. But more importantly, it’s what you can take from his journey to inspire other people, to make sure we’ve […]

Is this the most important question you’ll ever be asked?

This is one relatively short video, with one very important question – the question¬†starts at the 30 second mark, the question finishes at the 67 second mark, but then listen to what¬†happens next…: And once you’ve heard what¬†we talk about, and the options to answer “the question”, I’ve got this question for you:

How to build Trust and Credibility with your Prospects

Life’s about sharing isn’t it? I’d love to share¬†a¬†lesson with you from my own business, to help you with yours, and as part of the lesson offer you access to one of my Flagship programmes at no cost to you. The topic: Trust and Credibility.¬†This’ll take 1 minute to read, but it could be the […]

[Video] What If Your Business Grew Ten Fold?

In this video: 00:49 Thanks to my friends at New Zealand Chiropractic College 00:59 What happens if a part of my business was to expand ten times? 01:21 The 7 Steps I Use To Help Others 01:35 What are the right types of offers for your perfect type of person? 02:18 To double your business […]

Congrats to the NZCC Graduates!!

This has been specially prepared for those who attended the New Zealand Chiropractic College Graduation event last weekend, where I was honoured to be the Commencement Speaker: Click Here To Download The 15 Traits: [button link=”https://jamiemckean.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/NZCC-The-15-traits-of-self-made-millionaires.pdf”]The 15 Traits of Self Made Millionaires[/button]

[Video] The Quick Focus Exercise

In this video: 00:25¬†¬†¬†Quick focus exercise 01:15¬† ¬†Competence in marketing, technology and productivity 01:47¬† ¬†Helping people about Leverage 01:57¬† ¬†Goal Setting Program on the list 02:24¬† ¬†Helping build trust and credibility Hi this is Jamie Today we‚Äôre going to talk about a very quick little exercise you can do to focus yourself. Talking about how […]

The Step-by-Step On How To Help More People

I’ve been called some interesting names lately: A junior hubspot A few names comparing me to some big names in the industry And one of the big names in the industry even said “you’ve got what it takes to be bigger than me Jamie” That’s nice. Actually, it’s really nice. (and this is only going […]

Are You Wasting Your Life?

Put another way – are you Aimlessly Wandering? What do I mean by Aimlessly Wandering? “To be running your business, and not really know where you’re headed” I’m asking because yesterday I asked a very large list of people across a number of groups I belong “how do you measure success?”, and very few of […]