Who is Jamie McKean?

When you visit most people’s About Me page, you’ll get a nice few lines of what they’re about, what they do, who they help… you know, all the normal stuff.

But I realised when I was helping a group of business owners recently have some amazing breakthroughs, we really do all have our own truly unique story: The story that really does make us who we are.

That’s the story driving you to achieve.

And is most probably the fuel to help you achieve huge things in your life.

So as we start these small steps to get to know each other, I thought I’d share my story with you first, so you can get to know me,…

…and after I’ve shared my story, I’ll turn it over to you, so you can share yours… (if you want to – that’s up to you)

There’s two versions of my story:

– the short funny version, and

– then the ‘naked truth’ of how I’ve got to where I am.

It’s not pretty. Far from it. It wasn’t easy either, and you’ll find that out soon enough for yourself…

…to start though, let’s go with the funny version shall we? :)

(just a health and safety warning: Don’t have a mouth full of any type of drink when you read this, I don’t want you to drench your computer):

The Funny Version…

Let’s start with the version I’d tell people I meet at an event, which usually gets a suitable belly laugh depending on how animated I get…

People who hear me talk in social or business events usually think two things:

– he’s not from round here he sounds funny, and

– should I hide my wallet?

(that’s from the Northern English accent!)

And so the usual first question I get asked is: “How long have you been in New Zealand?”

…and the answer is “since 2004″

Why New Zealand?

Next question: “Why did you come to New Zealand?”

(as they’re sizing me up a little more, and just checking their wallet’s safe…)

Me: “I went out drinking one night in London, met a Kiwi girl, and woke up in New Zealand”

<insert big smile or laugh here>

(and it’s pretty much true by the way, you’ll learn more about the ‘girl’ in a minute!)

I then go on to animate how the New Zealand Customs Officials prized my hands off their entrance gates, as my ‘girl’ dragged me still drunk into the country…

…and I tell them:

Ever since that day, I’ve given up drink.

<insert laugh here>

Then they ask “So what do you do for work?”

Me: “I help business owners make more money”

Them: “How do you do that then?”

…and then I’ll ask about their business, and give them ideas on how they can immediately add money to their business.

I seem to have that built-in ability to help – do you know what I mean?

Your “Super Power”

You’ll have something inside of you that you can do without thinking about it, and most people around you will be super impressed with what you can do – you have that right? Your very own “Super Power”.

Now I’m not talking about wearing your underwear on the outside, or a cape, or spandex (whatever you do in your weekends is your own business), :) But everyone has a super power, you just need to admit it, and find it, if you haven’t already.

I say that because I see far too many people in life deny they have one, and keep going in the rhythm of what everyone else tells them they should do, instead of taking control of their own life and really making a difference.

You’re in control of You, no one else is…

For me, it goes back almost 15 years – that’s how long I’ve spent knowing there was something inside me I was really good at, but not knowing how to let it out – to share it with more people – so I could just be me – that was the much harder part.

But I know now what it is – I’ve spent the time to discover and nurture it – like a good wine: given it time to breathe

Wanna know what my Super Power is? :)

(it obviously wasn’t the power of grip – I’d still be in the NZ Customs Hall!!)

My Super Power (x 2)

I think I’ve got two – it’s strange to write what I’m about to share with you – I very rarely talk openly about what I think I’m good at – other people seem to do that for me (after I’ve worked with them), so it’s kinda strange to be writing this, but here goes… I’ll give it a shot:

  • My first one is being able to hear what someone says to me, and hear what they’re not saying to me – sounds a bit spooky now I type it and read it, but what it lets me do is repeat back to someone what they said, in my words, with the extras of what they weren’t saying, and hey presto, they’ll have a lightbulb moment – sometimes a “i need to sit down” moment, when something unlocks in their mind and stuff comes gushing out. (stuff is a very technical term if you ever hear me use it by the way) – that’s my first super power, and I hope that makes sense outside of ‘Jamie’s head’ :)
  • The second is that I can consume a huge amount of information, complex models, theories, experiences – mash it all together, and come out with something that is relevant for you today. This is the idea factory. My idea factory. I toyed with the business name ‘the idea guy’, because in almost every client call or chat to someone about their business, I’ll hear “what a great idea”. This is the part of me that helps people make tens, if not hundreds of extra thousands in their business (and in one case as I write this: Millions). It’s pretty cool to be able to do this for Marketing and Technology, and to be able to share it with people like yourself – whether a new Marketing Strategy to bring you a stream of new customers, or the way to use Technology in the best way for you and your business – they’re just two examples…
…and before you ask: No, I haven’t worn my underwear on the outside for quite a while, though I’m always available for fancy dress parties if they’re close by my place, or if you’ve got the transport sorted. I might even dust down my vinyl collection, grab my DJ headphones and help you out… :)
Enough About Parties, back to Super Powers

Whenever I get to use my powers for good, I know when someones had their moment – usually goose bumps and a pretty big grin on my face, and the appreciation from the person I’m helping.

So it’s great that I’ve got this built-in ability to help people, but I couldn’t do it without my family – they’re my sun compared to the kryptonite of dud customers (and I’ll cover them in a bit)…

Let me tell you a bit about my Family first:

My Family

My gorgeous wife and 3 beautiful daughters under the age of 4 (who’ve all got the looks from their mother) are a very big reason I’m so driven to help others achieve so much.

You can see photos of my girls on facebook – feel free to connect with me, just let me know when you send the friend request that you’ve come from here – none of us like stalkers :) (link here: Jamie’s FB)

And yes, god help me when they’re older… (I’ll be starting research soon into local nunneries) – :O)

I’ve deliberately designed my business today so I can spend more time with my family – my office is in my home, I see more of my children than most Dad’s would, and my wife Lucy is a full time mum (household executive) and is also my Chief Financial Officer (ie she gives me $5 every now and again, and runs the books – a far cry you might think from her last corporate role as a Corporate Accountant for Air New Zealand).

If you and I end up working together and you’re in NZ, you’ll likely visit here as part of our work together.

OK, so I’ve shared with you the Funny story, the Super Powers and my Family, the only thing left is the “Why”…

So Why Do I Do It?

This is a question not often asked in a polite social event, and it’s one of the best questions you could ever ask someone if you either want to:

a. help them have a life changing moment, or

b. get them to look puzzled, they’ll then fein a little pain, and then excuse themselves to the bathroom…

“Why do you do what you do?”

You might have seen my recent blog post where I walked through the steps I followed for myself, and I’ve used with a large list of others to give them life changing moments – I’ll share here what I shared in the blog, with some extra insights so you can understand more about what drives me, past lessons, results and where I’m heading with my journey…

…Remember this: Every step of this journey I take you on, you can use for yourself:

“Why do you do what you do Jamie?”

What am I trying to achieve in life?

What do I want to get up every morning and be dedicated to as my purpose?

My usual answer was “I’m wired to help people”

That felt great to me, but then my mentor (Michael Port) pointed out that was for me, not for the people I help – so why do I do what I do for the people I help?…

…I didn’t know the answer to start, I just knew it was a great question…

The Five Why’s…

I used the “Five Why’s” problem solving exercise.

You should use this too for yourself if you don’t have the answer for your ‘Why’.

A Humbling Moment

Before I share my reasons why, I want to share with you the reason I’m about to give you the ‘naked truth’ version.

Most successful people will only tell you their rose tinted glasses version – it looks great from the outside, lots of people want to be like you, aspire to get the same results, want to follow the same path.

That’s all good.

But most of those successful people don’t share how hard it can be.

I’m humbled to have many people tell me that they ‘look up to me’ or they ‘want a business like mine’ – I’m truly honoured when I hear that, which is why I want to share wart’s-n-all here with you, so you can see what goes on behind the scene’s.

A Rollercoaster

There’s been high’s and low’s with success to this point, as Brian Tracy says: “The really successful people are those who learn to bounce, not break” – I believe it means you can get bounce even higher next time – I have at every step.

But those rose-tinted glasses guys – They’ll keep telling you the good stuff, up until you hit a wall, and then they won’t be there for you, or they won’t know how to help you get past, over or through that wall that’s stopping you.

I can’t be bothered with that.

It’s easier for me to tell you up front that it’s really hard work.

Just so there’s no surprises, ok?

No chance to say “I thought it’d be easy Jamie?”.

It’s not easy.

I can help you make it easier than if you try and go it alone, that’s for sure.

But it’s not easy.

We covered that? Great.

And yes I’ve made mistakes on my journey to build a successful consulting and coaching business that now services clients across the globe.

I can help you avoid those mistakes too.

My favourite type of mistakes are ones other people make so I don’t have to make them. But boy have I learnt a bunch of my own mistakes to add to what I’ve watched others do – wanna save some time?

My Roller Coaster

Whether it was the death of a loved one, a failure in a career step that could have derailed me, clients that have drained me and made me question what I was doing, continual bad advice that didn’t serve me well…

…I’ve learnt the best of what could be taken from each one, and kept getting stronger.

Let me explain:

Back in 2003, I watched as my grandma took her last breath.

When she passed, I made a commitment to myself to fullfil what she’d said to me while I was a youngster:

“You’re going to do big things one day Jamie, you’ll make a million!” she’d say

Thanks Grandma

I’ve proved her right, and I’ll keep doing it too.

At the same time, I was running a team of over 30 who worked around the clock to bring together the technology of 3 separate financial companies in London’s financial district. Labelled a high flyer in my mid twenties, that large programme came to an end within a couple of months of my Grandma passing, and a few months before I’d met my first wife, my current wife, and assuming I answer ‘yes dear’ in all the right places, my only wife: Lucy.

Six months later we were in New Zealand.

Skip ahead a few years, with contracting and consulting work in a number of different companies filling the gap, I realised I was on the wrong path.

Yes I was earning about $6K a week, but I still wasn’t truly happy in what I was doing.

I’ve come to realise: money isn’t everything.

It was then I read Michael Gerber’s E-Myth.

Thank you Michael

The moment I finished the book I knew I wanted to help the business owners who needed help.

Within six months of that point, I’d enrolled and self funded a Distance Learning MBA with Henley in the UK. One of the top 5 in Europe at the time.

Two years from that point I’d changed career roles and was working in a smaller company to help them grow and studied the ‘How to’ of Coaching, to support my experience of man management. I helped them grow, restructure, make a bunch of money, and when the time came to restructure, my role split into three. They said: Which one do you want? I said: None thanks, I’ll move on. The day I signed my redundancy was the day I went on paternity leave.

New Baby. No Job. Oh and my third year and final MBA exam was in 2 weeks.

No pressure.

Two years on from here, I was just returning back from a 16 month expatriate life experience in Papua New Guinea where I’d helped a 250 person IT company grow. While I was there, I leant about true suffering and resilience by getting to know the wonderful locals. I’d finished my MBA, had a book published (it’s on Amazon, WH Smith and others) and was qualified as a Coach with Results Group Coaching (Brain-based Coaching).

That was over two years ago.

It seems easier to bunch it into two year groups.

As I write this, in the past two years I’ve:

  • Worked with almost 30 one-on-one consulting clients
  • Appeared on TV as a Productivity Expert
  • Been interviewed countless times for Marketing Advice and Ideas
  • Travelled the world for work
  • Have been approached to be part of another Book, this time Marketing
  • Helped business owners across three continents (via my one on one and group coaching) grow their businesses
  • Built a team of nine experts who help me deliver to my clients
  • Moved from the city to the countryside
  • Had two more children and…

…am finding now that I’m getting a little less sleep.

All in all though, it’s going extremely well.

That list didn’t include something I’m really proud of, and that’s the type of results I get for my clients, whether it’s:

  • Over 80K in sales from 3 emails for one client
  • 3000% return on Marketing Dollars invested for another, and
  • Getting a 90% signup rate for a product within a single seminar for another

…just a small sample of results I’m really proud of.

Back to the Five Why’s

But it’s not been easy, and I just realised I was going to explain to you my ‘Why’

I did say “I’m wired to help people”

#1 Why am I wired to help people?

I love and am passionate about helping those who want help achieve more through helping others

#2 Why? Because of the BAD advice I’ve had in the past!

…because I know how much hard work it is to be a leader in any field, to stand out from the crowd of followers – the type of dedication you need to succeed and I know it’s much easier when you have the right type of help

Bad Advice I’ve Had #1: Fake it before you make it

You truly do have to be a master of something to be a leader in a field – the ten thousand hours of studying your craft (Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers is a good read to explain this) is true:

–> You can’t fake it before you make it in terms of your skill and experience <–

You can give yourself an artificial boost in confidence in a new situation, as long as you have the depth of experience behind you for what your’re a master at. That in itself has been a lesson I’ve learnt myself, after being told I could fake it until I made it by someone I looked up to at the time – and advice I strongly recommend against today when I’m mentoring others…

Bad Advice I’ve Had #2: Keeping hold of that Problem Client! Enjoy the Money!

…I shared before that money isn’t everything: I’ve also spent far too long working with clients who drained me, who weren’t right for me, and who I wasn’t right for either.

Then I learnt that there are perfect types of clients out there who I do my best work with, and there are those who I won’t be able to do my best work with, and that’s ok.

This by itself was a very long and tiring journey, and at the time one of my advisors was saying:

“Keep going Jamie, it’ll work out for the best”.

“Stay with them for the money!” I was told “It’ll be ok!”.

That’s another advisor who isn’t advising me any more.

The day I realised I’m meant to serve certain people, and the days I fire clients are truly liberating days.

And you know what’s funny?

Whether its hours or days after you fire that client who isn’t right for you, something happens – I’m not sure if its the stars aligning, the ‘Secret’ in action, whatever it is, usually I’ll sign a new client or have another type of windfall – something or someone somewhere recognises I did the right thing, and says “well done Jamie, keep going!”

You should try it too if you’re in the same situation – and do it today!

Bad Advice I’ve Had #3 – Take anyone who’ll pay you

I don’t take people just because they’re willing to pay me – and that’s happening more, where people want to work with me, but I’ll politely say no, or find someone else who’s more suited for them, because I’m getting much better at finding those who I’m meant to work with, and also filtering out those who I’m not – it makes life so much more rewarding to filter out those you can’t help much sooner.

That goes in the face of the advice I got in the past: If someone is willing to pay you, take it.

Good things truly do come to those who work and who are true to themselves day in, day out.

I’m helping my clients get better at this more quickly too.

#3 Why? It takes lots of time and money to get it right…

…I’ve spent the years learning, working hard, making mistakes, adding scar after scar of experience to my back and my bank account, in the journey to discover what’s right for me to be a leader in my own right, to help others.

I’ve shared the journey so far earlier – I’m also part of international mastermind groups to keep me ahead of the game – always investing in myself.

Was the Journey Worth it?

Some of it has been instantly useable and profitable, some of it came good a few years later, some of it still hasn’t been used yet – and it may never be used – but I’m definitely of the mindset that if you learn one thing from an event, a recording, a book – just one something – I can help someone (or myself) with that one idea that could change someones life.

Yours perhaps?

All of that time, all the extra hours, evenings, weekends, all working towards success…

#4 Why? Why spend all this time, effort, money and energy?

Since the moment I read the E-Myth, I knew what I’ve wanted to do, and I’ve kept going forwards, through the draining clients, through the ‘that won’t work here’ small thinking from those I’m not meant to help.

#5 Why? The E-Myth Started Me Off

The story of a business owner, who wasn’t in the right space, but wanted to succeed, that flicked my switch. The reality that there are so many people in this world who are trying to succeed, but just don’t know how.

Instantly, in that moment, i said: “That’s what I want to do, I want to help people like that succeed!”

Ever since then I’ve been on the mission I’ve walked you through so far, to help others get ahead more quickly than they could without my help.

I’m a huge believer that there’s something bigger out there for all of us, if we want it with a passion.

Passion is so very important, it’s what drives our energy.

And I know that if you believe there’s something bigger out there for you too, you’ll find it more quickly with my help, than if you try it alone.

The End of this Chapter (for now)

There you go

That was me

Or should I say – that is me today

Here in the beautiful countryside of New Zealand, dedicating myself to help others who passionately want to get ahead, get ahead quicker that they would if they tried to do it by themselves.


I’ve not shared that much before in one place, you’ll only know this much about me if you’re a very close friend, or if you’ve just taken the time to learn about me.

If you have, thank you.

And as I promised at the start, now over to you:

So how about you – what’s your story?

Here’s What I Want You To Do Now

If you have a moment, I’d love for you to go to the comments and give me a glimpse of your story as well.

I’m glad that you’ve spent this time with me so far, and I look forward to what the future has in store for both of us.

Bye for now,