How Should I Get Started with Forex?

How Should I Get Started With Forex?

That’s the question I asked a highly rated Forex Coach: How Should I Get Started With Forex?

Now, for transparency and full disclosure, the Forex Coach I asked for advice was Andrew Mitchem. Andrew is both a very nice guy, someone I’d class now as a friend, and also a client of mine. I’ve watched his business grow, and watched client after client of his flourish with his Forex video course, and from that, I’ve been advising others: If you want to learn about Forex, Andrew Mitchem is your guy.

It got me thinking though, I had my own investments in share groups, but over the past 6 years, my total investment has lost 5%. Now that, if you look at the big picture of share markets, is actually a good result (for that market). But the more I watched how Andrew worked, how very focused he is on being a great trader and sharing his daily trades and expertise with his clients, I decided to ask the question myself: How should I get started with forex?

And so I asked Andrew: How Should I get Started With Forex?

And his advise was: Go first to and work your way through their Forex University, to learn the foundations of what you need to know before you start to trade.

I thought that was great advice for two reasons:

1. Andrew’s target market is traders who’ve spent lots of money on education, and still keep losing money in Forex. So these guys and gals have the war wounds (so to speak) of Forex, and that foundation of knowledge you’d need to then use Andrew’s training to turn losses into gains.

2. The site Andrew sent me to is a free site. He doesn’t make money from it. He is genuinely interested in people achieving positive and long term results from Forex, and so sending me to, as a one stop shop for my foundation, was great.

I’m open to share with people that I’ve made some mistakes with money, some have cost a lot, others not so much, so as I keep learning in the money space, and as I keep meeting those who are true experts in what they do, and have years of experience and positive results to back it up, it’s hard not to want to pay attention.

If you’re asking yourself, “How should I get started with Forex?”, then, sharing the advice of a top rated forex coach, and from my experiences so far, I’d go to:, visit them here:

If after you’ve learnt more about forex, and you’ve moved from “How should i get started with forex” to “how can I start making a solid and long term profit for my future with forex”, then why not visit Andrew Mitchem, and his site, visit

P.s. I’ve carried on my How to get started in forex journey here: