Review of The Forex Trading Coach by a newbie – Part 1

Review of The Forex Trading Coach – Andrew Mitchem’s Online Course

Before you read this, full disclosure: Andrew is one of my clients. I’ve been watching how Andrew operates for a few months and now decided to invest in his course, and try out what seems to work for a huge number of people, for myself. Putting my money where my mouth is (so to speak).

Whilst Andrew is a client, I want to be as honest here as possible, to ensure you can see my journey, and hopefully it will help you in some way with your own forex trading educational experiences.

Good start with The Review of the Forex Trading Coach System

I signed up for Andrews forex course last week – the forex trading coach – and from the start, I can see there’s a system, and like everything in life, to be good at this it’s going to take time, but I already think that I’ve got the right coach in my corner.

Why do I say that already?


Well this is what I’ve found so far:

I signed up

I received a bunch of welcome emails, access emails, and worked through them one at a time.

Everything worked first time, as you’d expect it would from a 5 star Forex Peace Army rated course

I downloaded and printed the course notes, which I read through while my children watched Finding Nemo. I share that because even with distractions I was able to read though and understand the notes – they’re clearly laid out, explain step by step and an hour later I’d read through the 80 pages of the course and knew:

A. This is detailed so even I, as a person almost brand new to trading, can follow easily

B. this outlines and then details the exact steps that Andrew follows himself in his trading,and the top 5 indicators he uses

C. I don’t need to get too overwhelmed just yet, because I know I can just follow Andrews daily trades, and keep referring back to the course detail as I get more and more familiar with trading forex

D. I also like a recommended trade at the start of each week, almost like a ‘secret trader tip’ that I can use when I’m ready


What I’ve achieved in the past few days as part of this review of the forex trading coach:

1. My meta trader (mt4) is setup, has all of Andrews own templates and tools installed

2. I’ve gotten familiar with how to use different charts, pairs and timescales

3. I’ve got my test account setup, so I can play with dummy money whilst I get more comfortable using Andrews daily trades

4. I’ve downloaded and started getting used to the forex calculator (lot size calculator) which is one of Andrews other secret weapons in terms of managing risk in terms of smart money management

5. those notes where from yesterday, and today, I’ve just placed my first two daily trades from Andrew’s recommendations!!! Woo hoo!! I’m in the forex trading market!


I’ll continue placing Andrews daily trades on my dummy account – $5,000 virtual money to get comfortable with forex (from Go Markets).

I’ll update you in the next couple of weeks on how I’m going though more posts entitled Review of The Forex Trading Coach.

I’ve also just seen a number of new video testimonials on Andrews site, well worth a look to see what others are saying.

To Finish off this Review of The Forex Trading Coach

So to sum up the review of the forex trading coach – its easy to follow even for a newbie to trading like myself (i read a few of the baby pips lessons first as per my earlier post).

If you’d like to find out more about Andrew and his forex trading coach course, then visit: The Forex Trading Coach – well worth a look.

As an updated note – Andrew has (quite rightly) changed his process for selling his course, he now looks for people to get in touch, and share their story, to make sure he can help you, so if you are interested, use his Contact page and say hi, and share your story – it might be right for you (or not), he’ll help you work that out.


If you’re new to Forex, and you’re investigating whether Andrew can help you (or not), then I’ve documented the advice he gave me, step by step, so you can get that advice for free…

…assuming it works for you, then it’s a no brainer ­čÖé

Click here to visit my mini site that i’ve built, and there’s zero cost to you, where I explain everything┬áthere: Jamies Forex Journey