It’s only a small word, but it can change lives.

And it could change yours, depending on how you use it:


What does it actually mean?

“a strong desire to do or achieve something” is the definition

And I was thinking about this recently, for both my clients and myself, in terms of “what’s important here”?

Though as you think about the What, you need to next slide into the Why path…

Why is it important?

“Start with Why.”

Whilst that’s an older concept from Simon Sinek, it’s still something important to drill down when you’re helping someone (or yourself) – making sure your “why” is important enough to move you forward.

The right “Why” can propel you like a slingshot

Versus feeling like every day is a chore, pushing brown stuff up a hill, because you’ve setup an Ambition, but it’s not really right for you

So think about it like this:

  1. Set an ambition
  2. Check it’s got a strong enough Why (if not, revisit #1)
  3. Assuming it’s strong enough, take steps towards your Goal(s)

It’s really simple if you break it down like that


…the cool bit here?

Ambition can apply to anything you want in life:

  1. What’s my ambition with my Business?
  2. What’s my ambition with my Partner?
  3. What’s my ambition with my Kids?

Add in health, mindfulness, diet…

Anything YOU need to be the best version of yourself

So take a moment to check in with yourself

  1. Do you have your ambition mapped out?
  2. Do you have it for every area of your life that’s important to you?
  3. Do you have a strong enough why behind each one?



Keep going

And if not, take a minute now to think about it, and figure out what you need to do for you…

Bye for now


p.s. if you’ve got what feels like a thousand moving parts happening your side, and you just can’t get clarity on getting things sorted, feel free to use me – I’m past 500 one on one sessions now of helping people get clarity, so more than likely I’ve helped someone with the problem(s) you have in front of you today…

(You’ll only know if you ask)