Being a Dance Dad

I was talking to a lovely chap earlier this week

He’s a fellow Dance Dad

He spends his time travelling around the state (and I think country), with his daughter, as she competes at the top level for her age group

He also runs a successful marketing agency, and we were trading stories, shared experiences, of wanting to be the best versions of ourselves for those around us – especially our kids.

And whilst my girls aren’t travelling the country, I spent one day last week, literally all day, looking after them, doing their hair (French braid (I’ll be updating my resume shortly)), dad’s uber service, and everything in between.

To add to that, earlier this week I spent half of a day watching my eldest two perform in their school drama exams (with a quick meeting in between for a volunteer MC gig I’m doing).

For my girls:

I have no clue if they’ll remember me being there when they’re older.

No clue at all.

And I don’t know as I share this with you if it’ll help them grow up to be the best versions of themselves

But what I’m hoping is this:

By me dedicating time to them,

they know I’m there for them

So when things do get tough,

they know their dad is there for them

And that safety

Having a reliable male role model in their lives

Is what I’m hoping will help them be more secure in themselves…

…As they grow…

…As they develop on their own paths

And that’s really all we can do, today:

Try to be the best versions of ourselves,

and show that to those around us who need that

(Whether they realise it yet or not)

So take a moment


Ask yourself:

Are you doing the same?

If not, why not?

When YOU focus on you,

It’ll do wonders for so many other areas in your life,

Give it a go if you’re not already, I’d love to hear what happens,


p.s. If you are living the best version of you, what does that look like your side? Would love to hear!!