Day trip to Seattle

I just got back from a trip to Seattle for a one day meeting.

Yep, you read that right

I literally travelled 26 hours door to door, one way, to sit with two guys for a day, to talk about my business, and how to setup myself in the best possible way, to give me the most optionality for me.

Want to know something funny?

I went all that way and one of the guys couldn’t make it!

(His wife had booked him in a trip to Hawaii, and his family is the most important thing in his world, so I fully support that)

But something else funny is this:

Some may say it’s ironic that I’ve sat with over 500 business owners over the past decade, and done the exact same thing for them but can’t “do it for myself”,

…but what I’ve found over the years is that when you’re very good at something, it’s usually that thing you’re very good at, you can’t do for yourself.

Have you found that?

And that’s why a large number of those I’ve helped are some of the best, if not the best in the world at what they do.

It’s always fascinating to see behind the curtain of so many different business owners, to understand that really they’re all stuck on most of the same things:

What they should do next to Market themselves
How to Sell more
How to Scale, and how to Deliver their product or services

…and once they’re clear on what’s right for them, understanding the quickest path to get that into their day.

But how do you do that, with the smallest amount of moves, to get the biggest returns on your time or money?

Hi, my names Jamie, that’s what I do every day. 🙂

(When I’m not looking after my kids during their half term break!) <- that started today.

So whilst I head back to the kitchen to help my middle daughter cook the dinner, I offer you this to think about:

What are you working on now, and is that thing one of the smallest moves you can make for the biggest returns?

Got to go, the 12yo is cooking 🙂