Well that was an interesting start to the day

Turning up at my youngest’s dance exam, seeing an ambulance at the doorway…

…That can’t be good I thought…

And it wasn’t

The first dance exam of the day saw one of the girls dislocate her knee


(And I think that’s an understatement)

But an hour later, an ambulance, two paramedics, quite a bit of morphene, and a knee back in place, saw a normally routine annual exam process go in a slightly different direction…

…though it’s almost two hours later as I’m writing this, and we’re only 50 minutes behind schedule, and it gave me a chance to have a chat with the examiner:

This is a lady who gets flown around the country to assess the dancers

And as we were parting ways, she said something that really struck a chord:

“I wish we had more dads like you, who are here, helping, being a part of it”

And whilst I do hear that a few times a year, I wondered something:

How do we change the stereo typical view of “That’s something that the mum should do”?

Yes, the old school expectation is that the man earns the money and the woman looks after the home (and everything that goes with it)

That’s the old school.

Let’s be new school.

Let’s be different…

Because we can be

We can choose to.

Let’s be the best version of ourselves

Let’s setup our businesses/income streams to run largely without us, so we can spend out time on things that matter to us more

For me, its my girls

Let’s be new school

Want to join in?

You get to choose…