Have you realised yet that failure is actually a good thing?


I was reflecting on this earlier today, in the middle of a workout, when I was trying to get my muscles to ‘fail’

Literally, “training to failure” is a thing –

Just in case you haven’t heard about it,

it’s where you repeat an exercise until you’re muscles can’t do another rep of what you’re doing

You keep going and going until you can’t go no more 🙂

According to the research, it means I can do less of an exercise, and get a better outcome


Something else I’ve figured out how to do less of for a better result


And as I was pushing myself, wondering why the hell I was actually trying to fail, I realised something:

Almost everything we do in life we fail in some way, until we actually get it right

Until we truly, really, succeed

Whether it’s:

  • a business idea
  1. A relationship
  2. Any game that we play

(do you ever win every time you play? And playing chess against your 10yo daughter doesn’t count, ok!?)


So every time we try something, it either works or it doesn’t,

And if it doesn’t, that’s ok

It means we learn something

It means we learn potentially how not to do it next time


Whether we have to push harder next time?

Or perhaps pick a different path to try?

Or take time to take stock of where we are,

assess options,

and then plan our next foray forwards…

Either way:

“It’s ok to fail”

As long as you learn the lessons from what failed, and adapt next time

And just know it’s part of the course of being successful

It’s not a label to put on yourself

“I failed”

Instead, it’s something you can know you tried,

and you’ll learn from it,

and then you’ll go again until it does work


that’s what failure really is:

An opportunity to learn, to get you closer to what you’re really after


keep going

Keep moving forward

And if you need help to make sure you’re heading in the right direction,

let me know,

am here to help,