What legacy are you hoping to leave?

With my parent hat on, it’s really hard to know how well we’re doing when the kids are younger (in terms of how we’re helping shape their lives).

They don’t know what they want, that’s our job to help shape that.

And I look at my daughters every day and hope I’m doing my best with them.

I really do.

And yes, there’s always the days you lose it,

When your energy levels have run out and you’re acting more in a reactive way instead of a considered way,


(And if you’re a parent, let’s call this shared therapy) 😉

…as long as afterwards you reflect and think “how can I do better”, then you’re always trying your best.

And it’s the same with our business as well:

how are we looking to help people get what they want?

Sometimes you create something, with a hope you’ll be helping people.

Often you can see the results instantly (of course, depending on what you do in the world), but you never really know what happens in other peoples lives, after you’ve done your part.

I had two examples in the past two days:

One friend I saw as I was driving in town – stopped for an impromptu coffee – and he told me as part of our catch up that he’d watched my mini video series on cryptocurrency

I’d recorded it to help family and friends, and he’d watched it, without me knowing, followed along, and now has a tidy sum in crypto.

He was sitting there with a nice smile on his face telling me how well he’s doing, thanks to me.

That filled my bucket nicely!

And a couple of days ago I got a lovely message from another friend – someone who’s already successful in her profession – letting me know that after our coffee chat about a year ago, she’d followed my advice and it’s led to her having a number of doors open for her to explore some very exciting opportunities.

They’re lovely unexpected messages to get!!

It’s cool when you design something, you help someone, and you can instantly see the lightbulbs come on, the relief wash over them, the excitement of what’s to come, they’re energised, and you can see that they’ll go on to help make a dent somewhere in the world

(that is what happens in my “Get Clear” sessions)

It’s another type of cool, when you hear about it after the fact, and you hadn’t even realised you’d had a positive impact on someone.

Yes, you’d taken the time to build something, or spend time with someone, but you never really know what’ll come from it, you can only hope…

And that’s the type of legacy I’m going to keep working on, to help as many people as possible get what they want in life.

Whether its more time for what’s important, a business that runs almost by itself, or extra options in life to do whatever you want to do 🙂

That’s my goal.

What’s yours?