The message I shared with you a few days ago about “Dads”, and helping dads – I put that same message on Facebook as an ad, and invited people to respond and start a conversation with me.

I’m getting 3-4 conversations each day, from Dads who want help, and I thought I’d share one of them with you here

Side note: I’ll be walking through this in more detail in an upcoming training I’m putting together – I’ll update you when that’s ready

The chaps name is Shawn, and he shared this:

I have three kids also here 11, 9, 7. And own my own business and it’s a successful business but brainstorming on how to spend more time other then one day a week to be with them when I am off other then when I close up store in evening

When I asked for more details about what he does, he shared this:

I have a business.where I make homemade meals for sale. Have a storefront ppl come in and grab pay and go. So it’s a demanding business time wise

When I think on this, and how I could best help him, I’ll be referring back to my the three pillars of my training:

  1. Clarity
  2. Priority
  3. Factory

We want to get clear on WHO we help, HOW we best help them, and then what’s the next best steps (PRIORITY), to start to build our Factory (using the analogy of conveyor belts, and how best to streamlined & systemised).

At the very start of this, I’d be wanting to know more about his WHO:

  1. Who is your 80/20? Which 20% of your market pays you 80% of your profits?
  2. If you just focused on them, how much more simple would your day to day be?

The first question is usually a hard one, because most of us are so used to trying to help everyone, but if we are able to focus on those who really do give us the best returns for our time, then we can free up time for the things that are MOST important to us (in this instance, his kids).

Once that clarity is set, then he can move into brainstorming all the things he needs to do to build on that focus, and then we’d prioritise them to make sure he can work on one thing until its complete, and move onto the next thing – at each step improving a system (ie part of his Factory), to get the snowball effect I talk about – little by little the gains will be built.

Maybe this can help you too?

Are you trying to help everyone do lots of things?

If you make a short term hard decision to focus on the 80/20 for your business, what could that do for your life, and the time you have left?

Hope that helps


p.s. if you want to talk through this for you and your setup, just drop me a line, here to help