Playing Catch

It’s good in your business and life to make mistakes, it’s how we learn.

And every time that happens, you should always look for the “upgrades”.

What can I learn from that mistake, to make sure it never happens again?

However bad it might be, or perhaps however small, you should always be looking for that upgrade, to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen again.

In your business, it’s easier:

– Have problem

– Figure out upgrade

– Make change to process or training to make sure problem doesn’t happen again

That works amazingly well, especially for repeatable processes that your team are working on for you (instead of you).

*** Remember, I’m all about helping you leverage yourself smarter, so I’m assuming you have a team or are working on getting one ***

But sometimes our mistakes aren’t in the business per se.

They’re how we react to something, and its inside of ourselves.

Whether we:

…snapped at someone – got kids?

…made bad decisions based on emotions – spent large on something lately that you didn’t really need?

Anything that you later class as a mistake.

So take a pause, and let me offer you this to help:

If something goes wrong that isn’t something mechanically fixed, rather its in the “top two inches of you”

You can still give yourself permission to recognise that

Think of it like “Catch that reaction” as it leaves you

Then see it as something you want to fix

And invite yourself to figure out what’s the best upgrade for you

Yes, I might have hundreds of ways you could deal with any given scenario, and I help myself, my team, my clients and my kids with any given one at a time,

But only you know you

So it starts with you

Think on that

And good luck with playing catch 😉