I’m bursting with pride right now

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been in awe of people on stage

Their talent

Their confidence

Their ability

To be able to convey a story, and take you to a place that you wouldn’t usually go

For a moment, or for many moments during a show

It’s a bit like a good movie, where you can lose yourself and be taken to another place

Somewhere created by someone else, that you can escape to for a small moment in time

And tonight I get to do that again

To watch my eldest daughter perform in the stage version of School of Rock

She’s one of the leads, and also one of the youngest on the stage

(Picture attached, she’s the one with the cool pink shades, in the middle, with her serious game face on 🙂 )

And I’ll be bursting with pride all the way through the show as she does what she absolutely loves to do

And I’ll be the doting dad, trying not to get too emotional along the way 😉

And this reminds me to check in with myself

To make sure I’m filling some of each of my days and weeks with experiences that really move me

Whether its an escape for a moment

Or whether its an opportunity to learn (to share with you)

Either way, I try my best to be deliberate, to have these things in my days

(It just happens that this one is even more special my side)

And it’s a similar feeling to the pride and joy I get from seeing clients reach their own goals, and literally change their lives.

I even had to check-in with one of my mentors recently, to make sure that was healthy,

To make sure that it’s ok to tie my own happiness with that of the people around me

And my mentor (a chap who used to advise Bill Gates), said this:

“You’re just like me Jamie – we’re wired to help people, and it’s ok to get your reward from seeing others succeed”

That’s lucky 🙂

But enough about me – let’s talk about you:

What gets you going?

What emotionally moves the needle your side?

And do you have enough of that woven into your days?

If not, perhaps take a look at how you can do more of what inspires you,

Let me know, I’d love to hear,

(And if you need help from a fresh pair of eyes, I’m here for you)

Have a great rest of your day, whatever you’re choosing to fill it with,