Proactive Procrastination

There’s a fine line between procrastinating and being effective.

Sometimes procrastination is just that:

There’s something hard you’re putting off, and you keep reaching for the “easy” button – the thing you’re already comfortable with

And that has the same outcome each time = you keep getting what you’ve always been getting

If it’s that type of procrastination, that’s bad.

And for full transparency, I do this sometimes – its a human trait, and it’s ok, like anything, in moderation.

But, it’s important to know what you’re aiming for

And on the flip side, whilst others might tell you to always take action, I’m a firm believer on: doing something just to keep busy is NOT the answer

Busy for busy sake is silly.

Instead, taking time for yourself, and giving you some you time is really important – especially if you know there’s something ‘you can’t quite put your finger on’, and you need time to figure it out

Which means, sometimes, at the right times, Proactive Procrastination can actually be a good thing

A good example of this, my side, is a project I’ve been working on – a workshop to share (with Dad’s), and it’s the approach I took to get to my work/life/family balance I have today

There was something I couldn’t quite put my finger on…

…and at the same time I was talking to four, maybe five dads each day, about what they’re stuck on, and how they could move forward…

…all of this came together to help shape the updated version of the training, but I didn’t force it

I spent time after helping people, reflect on what they were saying, and importantly what they weren’t saying in the conversations, so I could show up more often to those who need my help, and support them in their journeys, as they navigate what they have to

And the clarity for me came when I gave myself both the space and permission to not try and make it happen through action, but instead to take the time to think

Deliberate quiet time

To let the pieces fall, and then settle, in the best way possible, so I can help others


From the outside, someone could have easily looked at me and thought: “He’s lazy, he’s sat there doing nothing”

But it was that quiet time that helped everything fall into place.

And then I was ready to keep moving forward, to take the right action on the right things


So for you and your side, it’s ok to proactively procrastinate, as long as you’re clear on what you’re trying to achieve,


you know the answer is inside of you somewhere,

and you just need time and space to help it come out

On the other hand,

if you’re not clear on where you want to go, or how you’re going to get there, then you can ask for help

Just reply to this message with “yes please” if you’re in that space and would like some help,

Am here to help you, if you need it,