Purpose or Profit?


I was just chatting to a guy who was asking for some help

He fell slightly out of the perfect person I can help – he was:

  1. Unemployed
  2. Had been laid off twice because of Covid
  3. And to top it off, recently had a stroke!

He was asking for help and ideas on how he could start working remotely, so he could be a good role model for his kids (who were similar age to mine)

I had quite a good chat, sharing ideas on things he could think about, using his 15+ years experience in the service industry to transfer those service skills into a commodity that could help an online business.

He was really appreciative of the help, and told me as we said our goodbyes that “another company had just said he didn’t have enough money for them to be able to invest in him”

It took about ten minutes of my time to chat to him and try to help

What did that cost me?

A really small amount of time

What impact could that have on him?

Quite a bit I think

And as I reflect back on our chat, for me, it’s not about the money

Yes, you need money to make the world go around, I understand that, and compared to most I’m told I do well,

But the important thing is:

If you didn’t need the money, would you do what you do today anyway?

I would

(and I do)

And hopefully that guy will find an opportunity with the help I shared

(I’ve asked him to keep me updated on his progress)

So let me ask you:

Would you prioritise profit over your purpose?

Just think on that…

Whether its setting up the profit so you can focus on the purpose (they could be two different things)

Or perhaps you’ve not unearthed your purpose yet

Whatever the help, I’m here if you’d like it,

Bye for now,