Do you actually need a purpose in life?

It’s an interesting question isn’t it?

So many people (including myself), have spent many (many) hours trying to answer this question

For some people, they don’t need one, they’ve never thought about it, and it doesn’t bother them

But for others, those who feel that bigger drive in life, are looking to lock this in

Looking for this special something to help them get out of bed in the morning, and give them the energy and momentum they need to achieve what they’re after

And you know the funny thing?

If you are looking for this:

The answer is always inside of us

It’s just whether we’re open and ready to hear the answer

And, whether you’re giving yourself enough space to get everything out of your head, so the answer can get out

“Quiet the chatter in our minds”

For me, I went through a specific process recently that really helped, and I wanted to share it with you (in case it helps you too)

As I think it through to share it with you, there are five steps:

1. Prioritise time to figure this out
2. Get all your thoughts out of your head (in whatever format works for you)
3. Identify the simplest answer to your question (can you narrow it down to one word?) – mine is “Leverage”
4. List every question that comes up from the internal chatter in your mind, one at a time
5. Revisit the list in 4 and answer every one of them

At step five, when you answer the internal chatter, new questions will emerge

Keep going until your head is completely empty

Until the chatter stops

And you look at your purpose and say “yes, I can do that, and I know how to do that”

At that point, you’ll likely know the next steps to move it forward

If all the steps reveal themselves to you, great – map it out and get going

If you don’t, that’s ok, just look for someone who’s been through this and can help you create a plan for you

It’s a surreal feeling when your head is empty, and you know exactly what to do next

I’m inviting you to try it

Let me know how you go!


p.s. If you don’t have anyone who can help you, hi, my name is Jamie and this is what I do 😉