Reclaiming You

I just spent time with one of my clients, helping them free up multiple hours each week, so he can spend more time with his family AND work on his latest goal of becoming the new cross fit world champion.

Happy days!!

And the process is really simple, so thought I’d share it with you here

It’s called “Jamie’s Time Audit”

(Yeah I just so made that up, but…)

It’s 5 steps

And it really is smack your forehead type simple

You just have to DO it:

  1. Track your time for one week
  2. Identify the one thing that takes up the most time
  3. Identify whether you:

a. Do it (there’s no one else who can do this task, so its with you) <- if it’s this one, go back to #2 and look at the next item in your list

b. Delegate it (it’s cheaper, per hour, to apply one of the “T’s” to it: Team, Tech or Template)

c. Delete it (its something you should never do to start with)

  1. Once you’ve applied b to an item, monitor for one week and check if that reduced the time
  2. Once you’ve reduced the biggest time suck from your list, either:

a. go to the next item in your list if the list hasn’t changed much (from #2)

b. If the change you’ve put in has radically altered your day, then go back to #1

This sounds way too simple,

but the beauty is in how easy this is to do

And over time, it snowballs…

I’ve talked about the snowball effect before:

Small increments that build up to create a bigger result

This is that.

The case in point is my day:

I’ve followed this process for more than 10 years, and now my day looks like this:

  1. Usually 1-2 hours of meetings/work each day (on a ‘busy’ day)
  2. If there’s any volunteering tasks that day, do them (radio show, age concern, kids coaching, etc)
  3. First world problem of figuring out what to do with the rest of my day

That’s my day, almost every day.

But don’t get me wrong,

once every 6 months (approx), I might have to jump on the tools with my team and work 8-10 hours,

but that’s rare

Really rare

To the point where my team will ask me to stay away so I dont break things 😉

But that’s my first world problem to deal with

Not yours

(just yet)

So over to you

If you want more time back for you, each day, the steps are above

Try it for one week

It only takes one win for you to get excited about this, and want more time back for you…

Go for it!


p.s. I’ve got a template which helps you track your time, if you want a copy, message me, I’ll send it to you