I’m sitting here, writing this to you, with a robot that’s cleaning around my feet…

Last week I was MCing a 900 person event, and learnt about a robot that will soon be painting lines on the grass, for the football pitches at our local club…

I drive a car which can mostly drive itself, it’s literally a computer, with wheels, sat on top of a huge battery…


Robots today are becoming more and more part of our every day lives, and they really have one main job:

To make things easier for us

To make things more convenient

To let us focus on things we should focus on

The things that need the smarter part of our brains to be used for

Not something that’s repeatable over and over again

But something that’s going to add value to something or someone

To make a difference in the world,

even if it’s just a little something

But it’s those little somethings that can make a real difference:

Whether you use a robot to take care of something at home, and it frees you up to do something more useful, like spend more time thinking about how to cheer up someone close to you maybe?

Or write a note to someone special, to let them know they’re loved

Or send a message to one of your kids, unexpected, so they know you’re thinking about them…

It’s the little things you can do, when the more mundane things can be taken care of in other ways

Freeing up brain space through “Tech, Team or Templates”

I use a mixture of those three every-single-day to help me have more time for me

…And that lets me focus on figuring out how to make others days even better…

If you use one of those three, and free up some time, what would you spend your extra time on?

Have a think on that, and then go make a positive impact on someone else’s life today

Even if it’s your own

Most importantly if its for you

Because remember: You have to look after you first, before you can help everyone else,

Have an amazing day