Sick on Fathers Day 🙁

I spent Fathers Day last Sunday on the couch, sick as the proverbial dog

It’s not covid

No, it’s not got a new fancy name

It’s the old thing called Man Flu

But as you can tell, I’m still living, because I’m writing this to you

(So I’m ok now, thanks for checking!!! 🙂 )

I was also surrounded by my girls, and they looked after their dad really well ❤️

But as I write this, its Thursday

And since Sunday, I’ve been pretty useless

(Insert ‘you’re normally useless aren’t you’ joke in here) 😉

But as I reflect back on the past five days, only today, on the fifth day, has my brain been even close to normal

To be able to function work wise

To support my team

Work with our clients

And to be able to add input wherever needed

But do you know what?

— My team didn’t skip a beat —

Yes, they sent their well wishes, hoping I’d have a speedy recovery from my prone position on the couch

(And I did get to watch a few autobiography streaming things that I’ll share with you in time)

But my business ran literally without me


(And this next bit is even more important)

My right hand in my business, who pretty much runs everything most days anyway, (which leaves me with my first world problem of what to do most days after 9am) was sick too!!!

So the owner, and the business manager were both sick AND my team kept delivering to our clients!!!

That’s pretty cool to reflect on that

And yes, it’s taken more than a decade of running my business to have it where it is today

And no, I don’t like being sick, so I’ll try not to do it too often to prove any points,

But there are lots of lessons I’m sharing with clients today, to help them speed up their journey, so they can join me in the ‘first world problems’ club of “what am I going to do today after 9am”?

(I start at 7am by the way)

So whilst I get on with my own first world problem day (one more Man in the Arena episode to watch), I’ll leave you with these three questions:

  1. Do you want your business to run without you more?
  2. Do you have a plan with a timeline to make that happen?
  3. Are you on track?

If yes to all three, amazing – keep tracking and keep going!

If yes to the first, but it’s followed with a no, and you’d like help, let me know – if I can’t help you, I’ll know someone who can!!

I’ll get back to my own first world problem status my side… what to do today…

I think I might do a bit more writing… I enjoy that….

Speak soon,


p.s. I just taught a fellow business owner how to upgrade his recruitment process, so he can hire really (really) great team members – and within a few days of implementing our process, he’s found a few candidates he’s really excited about – I’ll share more on that in my next message 🙂