Soft Offence

I learnt this term from one of my mentors

He also used to be a mentor to Bill Gates

True story

He has a photographic memory for anything he’s read

(And he’s very well read)

So any situation someone finds themselves in, he’s able to bring the most relevant lesson to help at the right time

In a recent group chat I was a part of with him, he shared his approach of “Soft Offence”

It’s when you ‘gently’ try something new

Gently push to see if something works

Not going all in, but just enough to see if its something that you like, and something that works for you

(Whatever that might need to be)

And it’s a great approach when you’re not making progress, likely because you have too many ideas of things to do

At that point you have two options:

  1. Do nothing, and keep thinking (and suck up so much energy in your mind), or
  2. Move to action, prioritise, take action, and see what works for you – aka soft offence

It’s about momentum

It’s about movement

Movement is Action

Action turns into momentum

Just keep moving

Even if they’re micro steps, that’s ok

Just try something

Keep going

And the path will show itself in time


p.s. I’ll be sharing next how to help yourself prioritise

p.p.s. if you want a soundboard, get everything out your head, to help you move forward quicker, let me know, this is what I do