Talking to Daughters

I’ve spent quite a bit of time recently helping dads, with daughters, who are looking to be a better version of themselves.

And a great question I got this week was this:

How do I better connect with my 14 and 16yo daughters?

I loved this question for a few reasons:

Every time I get a question it helps me reflect to make sure I’m doing the best I can with my girls
I get to share what’s worked for me, as I’ve navigated this
I also get to involve my partner, who’s one of the most naturally gifted people at connecting with others

And the two key things I shared are this:

1. Understand the love language of the person you’re trying to connect with
2. Listen more to understand better

I’ve talked about love languages in the past, and whilst there are 5 of them, each person is different as to which is their primary one, and how the others support the primary one.

The book has really good resources in how to figure this out

And there’s a love language book specifically for kids too.

Links are below


With the second point, this was a tip from my partner, in a book that’s helped her hugely both with her own three daughters, as well as an early childhood teacher (so she uses this every day!)

The book is called “How to talk so teens will listen & listen so teens will talk”

Hopefully this helps you (or someone you know) in some way…

And remember this – Every daughter (or son) is different.

Every person is different.

Understanding their love language is an amazingly powerful way to connect.

The love language book is here –

And the kids version is here –

And the listen more book is here –

If you’ve got any questions on how to use this, let me know!