The Psychological Snowball

Some people have this problem in their head:

“Why would I give a job to someone else that I can do?”

  • I can do it better than other people
  • I can do it quicker than other people

I’ll tell you now: Those two are likely absolutely correct


what are you after?

Perfection or Leverage?

You can’t have both.

Once you get past that, you’ll start to give a little bit to someone, until you realise your own internal chatter on delegating isn’t true, and you’ll then do it more

The snowball effect

And then you’ll start seeing some amazing leverage of your time.

So firstly catch that you’re telling yourself you can’t do it, then give it a try…

You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve with a little bit of leverage.

Over time, the snowball effect will build, until you’re left with a first world problem that I have most days: what do I do today, whilst my team runs my business for me?