“How to Generate Leads Online, and Make Sales Conversations Shorter and More Successful…”

“How to Generate Leads Online, and Make Sales Conversations Shorter and More Successful…”

One of the biggest secrets to my own success and that of my clients is the realization I had recently of one single component that makes everything else work…

What’s the one component?

Well some people might say that it’s the ‘genius’ in what I do in my one-on-one strategy sessions, because I’ve done more than 300 of them, and get results time after time for everyone I work with.

But in reality, when I sat down last week, to extract from my head “what it is that actually gets those results?”, I realised that I’m actually in the business of helping people identify their “Big Idea”.

I am in the Big Idea business, and as I think back through every client I’ve worked with, it’s that big idea that’s shifted their business, and opened up the possibilities to everything that comes next.

The result – having a Big Idea – and importantly the ‘right’ Big Idea, is the single thing, that when you get it right for your business, makes your marketing and your sales conversations so much easier.

Why A Big Idea Is Important To You

In fact, here’s WHY you need to make sure you have your own Big Idea as soon as possible…

When you have a big idea, you basically have a nucleus – ‘the essence’ if you will – of you.

It’s your secret sauce.

It’s the thing that makes you:

  • different from your competitor
  • helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace
  • changes the dynamic of sales from selling to an easy conversation, and
  • attracts only the right types of people to you

…all from the one big idea.

It will let you run the type of business you want to run, with however many employees, from anywhere in the world. 

(I’m writing this to you now as I sit in the central business district of the Spanish city of Zaragoza, half-way through a ten month European road trip with my wife and three daughters (10, 8 and 6)

You could say I’m walking the talk…

When you have your big idea, everything else becomes easier.

  • You can then focus on scaling your marketing (if you want to)
  • Your sales conversations become so much easier (and I’ll give you examples shortly)
  • And then you get time to work ON your business, and designing it to look like what you want it to look like, instead of continually chasing new business – over and over again…

For example, when I first found my own Big Idea, it became a natural part of my marketing and sales conversations, and everything became easier.

Side Note: It’s a bit of a slap-on-the-forehead moment right now, that I did’t realise this sooner, so please do forgive me for taking this long to get this out my head and share it with you now 🙂 

Once I’d discovered my own Big Idea, here’s what the sales conversations would be like:

        Potential Client (PC): I need what you’re offering

        me: great, tell me a little about your situation

        PC: explains their situation

        me: ok, I can help you, this is how the process works (explain process)

        me: do you have any questions?

        PC: nope, when can we get started?

        me: here’s a link, visit that page, and signup there, and meet you for                                                       your first session once you book it

        PC: great, i’m on my way there now

That is how my sales conversations are almost every time.

Slightly different words, but almost identical flow (the 8 parts) and the outcome.

(assuming I can help the person, if I can’t, I refer them to someone or somewhere else)

But having a Big Idea, that’s part of your marketing, makes the sales conversations THAT easy.

(It wasn’t intentional, but I did start to track how long the calls took with potential clients, and the quickest so far has been 9 minutes.)

And yes, I could record a video to explain the steps on how I work, but I like to talk to people to see if I can help them, and build the initial rapport.

BUT… in order to enjoy simple conversations like that, you need the Big Idea in place first.

The Big Idea needs to be seeded into your marketing, so when someone sees it, it attracts them straight to you.

Let’s look at how it would be built into a Lead Attraction System –

Let’s assume it’s a facebook advert, to a short video, to an expression of interest form:

  1. Big Idea mentioned in the advert – potential client sees the ad, the big idea attracts them, and they click
  2. The video revolves around teaching a piece of your big idea, to show your big idea will help them, and the outcomes they’d get from your Big Idea, and you offer to talk to them to see if you can help them – they click on the link to go to the expression of interest form
  3. The form mentions that once they fill out the form, you’ll jump on a quick call to see if you can help them, and they can book a time in your diary once they’ve filled out the form – they fill out the form
  4. You have a calendar booking system on the next page – they use this to find a time in your diary, and they book a time in your diary (note: you’ve not talked to them yet, they’ve just put themselves in your diary because of your big idea)
  5. When it’s time for you to talk to them, you follow my 8-part script above, and 75-80% of the time, you’ll get a new client.

But… in order to have this very easy sales conversation, and marketing that feeds these calls into your diary, you have to have a Big Idea that works.

There are two types of Big Ideas:

a. one that works

b. one that doesn’t work

…and if you have one that doesn’t work, you need to fix that as soon as possible, to make the rest of your life easier.

I started out in my early entrepreneurial life back in 2008, in my early 30’s, with lots of big ideas, and attracted lots of clients, but every single time it felt like I was having to recreate the wheel – the time and energy drain was high, but at the time, I didn’t have three kids as an extra part of my life.

And there’s a saying “your gold is in your own dirt”

which translates to say “whatever you are great at helping other people do, you’re usually rubbish at for yourself”

you know, a bit like the plumber and her own leaky pipes 🙂

And this may be the same for you too – 

You’re spending all your time, effort and energy helping everyone around you, but you haven’t found an easy way to help yourself yet, and I’ll explain how you can get that in a minute…

In 2013 I took my passion for helping people into larger groups, and spent (literally) thousands of hours helping people find their big idea – whether in the one-on-one sessions, or group mentoring sessions, though I didn’t create a framework on How To.

Until now.

Thanks to my current adventure (the European trip), and my want to balance more of this adventure with a growing business,

I’ve been forced to sit down and work out how I can help even more people get clear on their Big Idea, and then walk through the steps on how to use that Big Idea in their marketing and sales.

And this matches my larger goal of helping as many people as possible have a bigger impact in their world.

But you only get the impact if you implement.

So I’m borrowing a concept I learnt from a chap by the name of Mike Dillard.

He used a concept that I thought was so brilliant, that i’m going to borrow it.

You see, more than 90% of people who sign up for an online course don’t complete it.

And therefore don’t get the results the course was designed to deliver.

And so what Mike did, and what i’m borrowing is a “completion guarantee”.

Which means this:

a. when you sign up for the course (value: $997)

b. and you get your big idea (value: priceless)

c. and you use your big idea to close your first client (value: $????)

d. tell me, and I’ll give you a 100% refund on your course purchase


you read that right

If you do the work, and get the result, then you’ll get your money back.

The two big reasons on why I’am doing this:

  1. I want you to get the result (so you have to do the work)
  2. When you do, and you get a refund, it’ll build some serious kudos for you and I together, and likely you’ll tell your friends, and my business grows from there (whilst yours does too)…

And here’s how the course is structured:

Firstly, to get your Big Idea:

  • The Big Picture – Why the Big Idea is so important
  • The Big Idea – the 5 steps to identify yours
  • The Big Idea validation – how to test if it’s the ‘perfect’ Big Idea for you

Secondly, to build your Marketing, around your big idea:

  • Marketing Funnels Overview – what is a Funnel, and which is right for you to start?
  • Marketing Funnels Technology – depending on which funnel you’ve chosen, which technology do you need (I also cover the tech if you have existing tech, and how to integrate them really easily)
  • Marketing Funnels Building – now we know what tech, the step-by-step how to build your funnel (with templates and scripts)

Step three, once you’ve built your Marketing Funnel, is the Traffic:

  • Traffic Overview – which traffic source should you choose and why (facebook, google, email, something else?)
  • Traffic Setup – once you’ve chosen your path, the step-by-step on how to setup Traffic for you
  • Traffic Start – switching on your traffic, and how best to monitor it

Lastly, the sales conversation:

  • Sales – The Triage Step – the 15 minute step to streamline your sales conversation (plus scripts for you)
  • Sales – the Strategy Session – if you’re a coach/consultant/thought leader/professional services, this step is for you as your first paid engagement, and I teach how to build this into your sales flow, to help acquire more clients sooner.

And over the past 10 years, this process has worked time and time again for myself, my clients, and also clients of my clients that I’ve mentored.

Obviously, it goes without saying that having this level of lead generation is great to have in your business, but what matters most is the freedom it will give you, once you have this right.

And it all starts with your Big Idea.

The next intake for the Big Idea training, that includes everything I’ve listed above starts Monday 22nd October, if you’d like to be notified and put on the wait list, just use the chat box that’s on this page to ask to be on the waitlist.

As an additional piece to this training is a private Facebook group, to allow you to validate your Big Idea with a group of fellow entrepreneurs who are helping each other to achieve the same outcome: A Big Idea, that works again and again.

Using that group will speed up you getting your Big Idea to work.

And remember too, when you follow the steps, and get it working for you, you’ll get a 100% refund.

I really do like the completion guarantee 🙂

If you have any questions about this course, then send my team and I note here: Contact Us

Otherwise, if you’re ready to get started, and there isn’t a “join now” button on this page, join the wait list via the chat box on this page (just say hi, explain you want to be on the wait list, and leave your email address). 

(once we open the doors, I only like to have ten people at a time go through the training, because i want to give personal attention to everyone to help them get their Big Idea – I’ve found ten is the right number (for me) to allow the personal support, whilst I’m travelling)

And we open up new slots once a month.

If you want to get ahead in the queue and you want to get this right, right now, then you can put a fully refundable deposit ($97) down here: Big Idea Front Of The Queue