If you’re wanting to make a bigger impact in the world, by positively changing someone’s life, then we can do some pretty cool things together.

I’m here to help you:
a. get clear on the best strategy for you to make that impact

b. soundboard your marketing ideas with you, and help you know what’s working now, and that’ll best work for you and your style

c. architect the tech stack that’s needed to deliver the marketing plans, and then, if you need to:

d. manage that for you

…if that’s you, then hi, my name is Jamie, and that’s what my team and I do!

There are a lot of people who are good at Stratetgy.

There are a lot of people who are very good at Marketing.

There are a lot of people in the world who are good at Tech.

Apparently there’s a very small group who are good at all three.

I’m in that group, and I lead a team of online marketing professionals, and have two main platforms today that we can help you through:

1. The Leverage Model – designed to allow you to plug-in to my team, get access to me, and get your impact architected, online marketing projects designed and implemented, with a tiny retainer, and a by the hour model – that’s here: The Leverage Model

2. The Launch Model – designed for companies who are running multi million dollar launches, and need a reliable tech team to deliver one of the most important pieces of a launch: Reliable Tech. If that’s you, get in touch here: Contact Me

If you have any other questions on how my team or I may be able to help you, just use the chat box that’s probably already popped up to say hi, we’ll get back to you when we’re next online,

Bye for now,