Marketing for Coaches: Designed To Suit You

“A Coach Training Course designed just for me Jamie?”

But how can you do that (you’re probably asking)…

…Well it depends which type of coach you are.

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Coaching Categories: Which Best Describes You as a Coach?

An Elite Coach.

You’re doing really well already. Earning more than $10K per month, and looking for extra ways to get more leads and prospects coming to you automagically via the web.

An Ambitious Coach…

You’re working hard to become an Elite Coach. Earning between 5-10K per month, and always looking for ways to add more streams of leads to your business through online marketing.

A Frustrated Coach.

You’re not happy with how things are at the moment, earning between $1-5K a month, and you’re wanting to get new ways of Marketing into your business when you’re shown a strategy that is working for others.

New To Coaching…

You’re new, or relatively new to coaching (less than 12 months), and are looking for the best ways to start getting more prospects in general. If you learnt about online strategies, it could really help you get to the next level.

Thinking of Coaching…

You’re not a coach yet, but you’re thinking of adding it into your business to help leverage yourself more. Or you’re thinking of a career change, and looking at Coaching as a potential way you can help others.

Which best describes you?

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