Hold on a cotton-pickin’ minute

That’s what I just said to a friend in America… “Hold on a cotton pickin minute!”

Do you do that? Switch into local lingo as though your saddling up next to them to have a chat, even though you’re either 5 or 5,000 miles away?

And then I asked: how long is a cotton-pickin minute?

Do you know?

I don’t.

But you should if you’re either:

– a cotton picker

– have a cotton picker as a client…

Definitely – if they’re your market, then yes sir-ee: You’d know how long it’d take em’

You’d also likely know how to make the cotton pickin’ minute last longer, or get more done inside their minute…

My point?

No, I’ve not forgotten my drugs this morning (I’ve had my coffee) – that’s not my point

If Cotton Pickers are your target market, you’d know everything about them – you’d know where they hang out, what they need, what you can promise them to make them want to flock to you and even how think their yarn is…

Now swap Cotton Pickers for your target market.

If you don’t know those answers, you won’t be in business long.

That’s the message I just shared with Drew Edwards and his 1K+ LinkedIN group of followers in an interview we just finished.

Drew’s a nice guy, and he helps Coaches get more clients, as I help Consultants do the same. Anyway, check out Drew’s group “Marketing for Business Consultants and Coaches”, and he’ll be sending you that interview shortly – he gave me a good grilling actually – I revealed quite a lot about my journey, and how I use that to help others – should hopefully be a good listen.

Enough about what I did this morning, I’m off to talk to some more of my cotton pickers: Experts who want to get online quickly, and they do it through here: fasttrack.jamiemckean.com

Bye for now,