Is SendFox right for you?

I’ve been experimenting with a new email marketing platform recently: SendFox

At the start, I got quite excited – could this really simple platform do the relatively simple things I need?

And all for a one off low price?

(which is one of the banes of email platforms, the monthly bills!)

The other thing i really liked about send fox, actually there were two things:

  1. a built in referral programme
  2. an automated email creation system, that would create a draft for you after you’ve written a new blog post / tweet / FB post / etc

I really liked the referral programme as an extra way to get new people to learn about you, via the built in system that encouraged word of mouth for you.

I liked even more the automated email creation for every time i wrote a new blog post. And whilst I don’t actually setup my emails (I systemised that a few years ago with my team), a way to speed up their work looked like a nice benefit.

To write an email was really easy.

To send was easy too.

To add new contacts in, and also to import a list from an existing platform was really easy too.

I see this platform as a direct competitor to mailchimp – more simple – and more cost effective (one small lifetime price, and you’re done!).

The only thing it didn’t do (for me) was allowing me to automatically segment people, based on what they tell me they want to receive.

For me, I look to help with 4 main topics:

  1. If someone is new to online marketing
  2. If you “know enough to be dangerous” with online
  3. If you’re a veteran and you’re looking to optimise
  4. If you’re interested in my crypto currency journey, and want to learn from my mistakes – i mean – lessons 🙂 (it’s going quite well actually!)

But back to sendfox –

Great if you’re new to online marketing, and/or if you’re looking for a platform that will do the basics well and is a tiny price as a one off, so you’re not getting billed every month.

There’s a lot more comparisons and detail on their website –

Here’s a link to visit SendFox –

and here’s a cool video that walks through what it can do: