One of the most embarrassing moments (possibly?) and how you can avoid it

re: One of the most embarrassing moments (possibly?) and how you can avoid it

I’m still chuckling as I write this.

Driving home yesterday from the chiropractors (and yes, my neck is getting better thanks), I passed a lady who was walking up a steep hill.

A Normal Looking Lady…

Dressed in her exercise get-up (tracksuit, etc), in a ‘i’m-just-getting-up-to-my-power-walking-speed’ and I start laughing.

It wasn’t the walking style, or the way she was dressed, or the part where I was driving and she wasn’t…


…With An Addition To Her Outfit

It was the toilet paper that was attached to the back of her trousers, that flowed like a waterfall of paper behind her, with about 3 foot of the stuff dragging along the floor…

Now I’m sorry – I shouldn’t laugh.

Ah ok, maybe I should…

…and as I looked in the rear view mirror to try to put a face to the paper, the paper broke free and floated away from the oblivious lady…

(I say Lady because aside from the flapping toilet paper part, she looked like a ‘proper’ lady!)

And it got me thinking:
1. Where is the nearest toilet? (to wonder how long that’d been hanging!)
2. How many people had she passed without mentioning it?
3. In the small countryside town that I live in, would it be a discussion over tea and scones later on in one of the many events that happen… and if yes:
4. Has she just had her reputation soiled? (yes sorry, that pun was intended)

Now I doubt you have toilet paper sticking out from your behind (though please do check), but let me ask you:

How do you want to be remembered when you’re not there to tell other people about you?

And what efforts do you go to, to make sure you’re remembered in the right way, so when someone next meets you they’ll be happy to say:
“I think you can help me”
“you might want to check your backside”…

I teach the How To for this to my clients – I’ve also had a number of requests to teach this in a group session to give larger numbers of people access to the Marketing strategies usually reserved for my clients – if you’re interested, use the contact Jamie form to say hi and let me know.