Step 1 – You

In this weeks video, I walk through the five strategies on how you can get in better control of “You!”:


In this video:
00:22   The step #1 in the 7 Step process
01:53   How to get better with Time Management?
03:06   People fail by not having a “System”
05:13   Understanding the “Unique Ability” concept


Step 1 is all about YOU and I’m going to give you 5 strategies that you can improve –YOU- to make your business, your life, everything better.

Let’s get into it.

Don’t Have Time For “You”?

Okay so today is all about YOU – step 1 in my 7 Step process.

I’ve already shared in the intro the 7 Steps and remember step 1 was about YOU. It’s step 1 because in my consulting career today when I sat with busy professionals, busy executives, busy entrepreneurs they don’t have time to put the improvements into their business and so we actually have to go back to the beginning and focus on them as individuals (i.e. focus on YOU) and these strategies I’m about to share with you have helped my clients, have helped me and hopefully will help you.

Five Areas to Focus On

Let’s talk about the five areas that you can focus on.

#1 is Goals

Do you have goals in your business? If you have them in your head then great!  You’re going to make some progress forward. If you write them down you’re going to make better progress. If you review them daily and weekly you are going to make absolutely fantastic progress. I find with my clients that when they work through my goal setting process that they can actually over achieve their annual or even three year goals by.

I’ve had one client who achieved the three year goal in six months.

I’ve had another client who achieved the one year goal in three months and people who are achieving that three month goals in a couple of weeks –  all through focus because they have the goals. So #1 is GOALS.

#2 is Time Management

Now Time Management is one of the biggest complaints out there today of people saying, “I just don’t have enough time.” To get better with Time Management – the way to do that is to line up with your goals and also setting techniques and tools that you can use in Time Management.  Now if you focus your time everyday on your goals then you’re going to achieve your goals a lot quicker. You’re going to reduce the stress, you’re going to reduce the worry and you’re also going to reduce the amount of time that you waste spending wheels in your business. So Time Management is a really keep heart of that.

So #1 is Goal Setting, #2 Time Management.

#3 is having a “System”

A System – your system, a system for you. Now a “System” can be whether you write it down on a piece of paper, whether you write down on the computer or your phone or you have some way of writing things down of what you need to get done.

Why people fail?

Most people fail because they haven’t got a “System” that works for them or they tried to use a “System” that someone else’s designed and they struggle through it thinking this must be for me but realized or don’t realized until it’s too late that the system that they’ve worked on was designed for someone else.

And it’s really important to know that a system is like a glove and not every glove is going to fit you. And for me I’ve read fifty, hundred books that I’ve remembered and audio books and work through courses and I’ve picked a little piece from here and a little piece from there and I adapted something from here to get a system that works for me.

So you just need to know that your system is going to evolve but to have a system to start with is going to allow a hole that come out your brain because our brain is only designed to hold three to four things in different parts of our brain. So when we have a system to write things down in or to get it out of our head then let’s start to clear the overwhelm, to clear the clutter and to allow us to focus. So #3 is your own “System”.

#4 – Understanding the “Red Velvet Rope Policy”

#4 is something Michael Port calls the “Red Velvet Rope Policy” and this is all around your values. Understanding your values of why you’re in business. If you understand those values and spend the time to work through them then write them down. You can then start aligning who you work with to your own values.

What does that mean?

Well it means that you can spend a lot more time with people you enjoy spending time with and you get some great results with and a lot less time with those types of clients who drain you. So it’s a good exercise to work through to understand your values and then apply it to the types of people that you work with. So #4 is values. And the step by step for #4 is within The Solo Journey on the Red Velvet Rope Policy if you need that or if you’re already “Solo Journeyst” you can go in and get that and work through that resolved.

#5 – The Cool Concept of Unique Ability

Lastly, I put it last , though it could have easily been first but I want to put it last. For importance sake is #5 – Unique Ability.

Now Unique Ability is a really cool concept created by Dan Sullivan – but there is a book available on Kindle or on Amazon and the link is here for the book that you can work through a discovery process to find out what you are truly gifted at.


Okay everyone has likely, well a lot of people have likely called you unique, certainly a lot of people have called me unique but it’s finding what is unique about you.

And I also finding out that Unique Ability is something that you do on a regular basis that actually when you’re finished doing it you’re more energized than when you were when you started. So Unique Ability is a great concept to have a look up as part of these five pieces to improve YOU and the resources are below here.

They were the 5 Steps of YOU. If you have any questions at all or if you’re working through when you’re trying to work to any of those five process and you have questions for me put them into comments below or too if there’s anything else that you’ve think of that you found really useful for you and you could share it with other people feel free to put the comments below so the people can read that.

My name is Jamie J Hope this added value and in the next video we’re going to talk about your Avatar which is step #2 in the 7 Step process. Today was all about step #1 – all about YOU.

Bye for now