Step 3 – Your Offers


In this video:
00:16   Bring more money to your business
01:22   Having multiple offers
02:25   Case Study: Step by step training for specific type of coach
04:14   A different offer for a different Avatar

Step #3 – All About Your Offers

In today’s video I’m going to Step 3 of my 7 Step Blueprint and Step 3 is all about your Offers. This is going to help you understand how to get more, in front of more of your perfect types of clients to ultimately be able to bring more money into your business.

So let’s get into it.

Hey this is Jamie, from

This is step 3, this video is all about Step 3 in my 7 Step Blueprint. I still need to call it a very sexy name. I haven’t thought of a sexy name yet.

7 Step Profit Blueprint? I’ll work on the sexy name…

But for now just to understand the 7 steps and then in their logical order.

What I’ll do quickly is roll the tape and I play the 7 Steps again for you so you can understand. I’m not going to assume that you watch the full videos and now I’m going to Step 3 which is all about your Offers.

Let’s roll the tape now.

Okay so that was the 7 Steps in total and Step 3 is your Offers. So once you fix #1 – You, and you’ve got clear mind, you set your goals and you’ve got your focus and then you’ve got a specific Avatar that you’re going to work on and yes you may have ten, you may have fifteen but you’re going to pick one.

With that specific Avatar then you can have multiple offers and step 3 is all about Offers.

What Can You Offer?

Now an offer can be a product or a service but what you can do is wrap a name around that Offer to make it very specific for that Avatar that you’re aiming up.

What do I mean by that?

Let’s talk about a case study that I was mentioning in other videos which was Technology for Coaches.

So Technology for Coaches is a part of my business and three avatars in that business are very specifically:

1. Coaches who need help with their technology and have time to learn it so there’s a course available for them.

2. A Coach wants to learn the Technology and then want to teach their team that I’ve got a course available for them.

3. And then also coaches who don’t want to know about technology or don’t have the time or just want help from someone.

Those are the 3 Avatars that Technology for Coaches is looking after.

Now let’s take that to the Offers stage. So for coaches who want to be able to learn it themselves then the Offer that I have is Fast Track – Jamie’s Fast Track – Step by step training specifically for that type of coach.

Take Your Business To The Next Level

For a coach who wants to learn it and then teach their team then as part of Fast Track there is Fast Track team version which allows coaches to in a sense use an honesty box to pay me some money and then allow a whole lot of their team to access the same step by step training to really take their business to the next level which is perfect for that type of Avatar.

And the last one is coaches who want help with their technology.

Now I’ve had a number of coaches who say to me, “Can you give me a review of my technology setup Jamie to know that I’ve got it right.” And that start might be 1 hour of my time or 1 ½ hours of my time to do that review then that can be an offer and that can be called the Technology Sanity Check.

Now that’s got a very specific name to it – “Tech Sanity Check” and when someone looks at that offer they will know what it means, great you’re going to sanity check my technology and there will be a number of bullet points in that which talks about review your technology, give you guidance and advice and the best way forward and the best way to structure your technology.

Though it’s still my time, it’s still a block of my time that most of the business owners will just say, “Yes, you can talk to me.”

But because that’s a very specific offer for that very specific Avatar the language is a lot easier to talk to and the language as well will be more easily understood by that very specific Avatar.

A Strategy For Entrepreneurs

Now for my consulting clients I have something called The Get Clear Session and what that helps me do is either give strategy advice or marketing advice or technology advice for entrepreneurs. That’s still my time. But it’s got a different name. That’s a different offer for a different Avatar.

So think about that for you for Step 3 of an offer.

What offer can you create which perfectly matches the need of your Avatar?

Hey this is what a logical process:

#1 is You

#2 is your Avatar – you’ll have a list of Avatars then pick one to go to the next stage:

#3 which is Offers.

Okay. Create an offer and you will find that the conversations with marketing and the sales which are going to come next are a lot easier because it’s matched to the Avatar.

So step 3 – Offers.

If you have any questions at all feel free to ask below and feel free to share this and like this to help other people to work through these 7 Steps for their own business as well.

So this is Jamie.

Enjoyed sharing this with you today.

Bye for now.

Step 3 of the 7 Step Blueprint – Your Offers