Step 4 – Your Marketing

In today’s tip, I’m going to be explaining why Marketing is step 4 in my 7 step process, and the three pieces you need to get right:

In this video:
01:23   Your Marketing – step 4 of the 7 step process
02:10   Three ways to frame marketing
05:16   Understanding the media channels
06:37   Leading towards Step 5: The Sales Conversation


Step 4 – Your Marketing

In today’s tip, I’m going to be talking about step 4 in my 7–step-model, Your Marketing:

I’m going to tell you the three pieces that are really important. I’m going to share with you a story as well from a live event I’ve just come back to—come back from, recording this now, to share with you, so you can learn it for your business.

So, let’s get into it.

Hey! My name’s Jamie, and today I want to talk to you about Your Marketing. Your Marketing is step 4 in my 7-step-process that I use in my consultancy business. And before I go into the detail of Your Marketing, I’ll roll the tape to revisit the seven steps to give you context of where this fits in.

So let’s role the tape now, and I’ll come back to talk about Your Marketing.

Okay, so that’s the 7 steps, so step 4 is Your Marketing, we’ve got to this point now; we know who we’re after, which is the Avatar. We’ve got the offer/product or service that is best suited to that Avatar, which is great. Now, in the marketing step, we need to work out how to get the message out to the Avatar.

The 3M’s To Simplify Marketing

To simplify marketing for you, there’s three pieces—three ways to frame marketing. Three M’s it’s called. And the three M’s in marketing is market, media, and message.

Okay? We know our market, because we’ve got the Avatar covered. The message, now, is how we word the problem that the Avatar has with the solution and result that our offer gives them into the marketing, that’s the message piece of marketing. And also, lastly is media. Once we have that message scripted, how do we get that out? – from a media perspective.

Now what do we mean by media? We’re talking about Facebook, Twitter, Google, letters, postcards, radio, newspaper, everything you can think of, of a way to get it in front of someone, is media.

A Story From A Live Event

Now, I’ve just come back from a live event where I was asked to speak in front of twenty business owners—local business owners. And they asked me, “Jamie, can you come and talk to the group about social media?” And I said, “I’d rather not.” But I went along anyway (not the group, social media, as a topic). And I said social media is the next big thing, or the current big thing and it’s where a lot of people—a lot of business owners—spend time and—money—trying to build a presence, trying to build a following, but all it is, is a distraction.

I will bet you $5 now that 99, up to 100 people who are watching this video would not be able to tell me how much money social media has directly made them: don’t have the right tracking in place, or the metrics. That’s number one; number two is, also, one example in the meeting, was one business owner said, “I have 11,000 people, who when I send a Facebook message out to, it goes to 11,000 people.” And I said, “That’s great, but what happens if your accounts on Facebook got switched off?” I said, “How big’s your e-mail database?” “Not very big,” was the answer.

Social Media Focus

So the focus needs to be used the social media as an example, as channels, to drive people back to your websites.

Now, this, you haven’t asked for this advice, and that’s a bit of a side segueway. Just wanted to share that if that helps you.

But from a marketing perspective, the answer to the question of how do I get this out to more people is understanding your Avatar, understanding what they do and how they spend their days.

Three things:

  1. Who are you going after?
  2. Where do they spend time?
  3. Where do they spend time when they’re in buying mode?

Okay? Because, yes, your target market might spend time on Facebook, but as an example, Facebook, is that just as a distraction during lunch hour or are they actually there hunting for a product or service? Hunting for the solution to the problem that they have?

This is marketing. This is understanding the media channels. And there are literally hundreds of different media channels. In the group of twenty, one of them was a pub owner. And I said to him, “You probably want to start looking at SMS marketing,” and gave him some real life examples of how that would work. But the other nineteen in the room, that wouldn’t be suitable for. For you there’s going to be different channels.

Top Three Media Channels

And the top three, a recent mastermind I went to in Australia, we had twenty people in the room, all earning six figures or more and we all brainstormed all the different things that would work from a marketing perspective. Now, 50+ ideas on the whiteboard, and we went through each one and scored them. Once the scores were added up, we rubbed off everything apart from the top 3 results. And those top 3 were referrals, were networking, and keeping in touch. Okay, so how can you do those three really well in your business? And it might not be a shiny object, but most people who hear that say “that’s nothing new, Jamie.” No it’s not, but how well are you doing those three? How well are you systematically doing those three of networking, referrals, and keep in touch?

Step 5: The Sales Conversation – Soon!

That’s just something to think about from a marketing perspective. This is step 4: Marketing. And once your marketing works, then we’re going to lead people into step 5, which is The Sales Conversation. And I’m going to cover that in the next video.

Any questions at all or progress that you’re making and I’m getting quite a lot of e-mails off people telling me the progress their making and asking some questions.

Feel free to put it in the comments below, so that other people can see progress and see the questions you’re asking. It’s going to help other people. And also feel free to share and like this video as well to help other people get ahead.

This was Jamie, have a great day!

Bye for now.

Step 4 of 7 steps – Your Marketing