Step 5 – Your Sales

In this video we talk through the 5 steps for an easy sales conversion and converting people into customers.

In this video:
00:46    A recap of the 7 Step Blueprint
01:17    5 steps for easy sales conversation
05:10    A quick recap of the 5 Steps
05:37    Building up your marketing education

5 Important Points To Remember About Step 5

There’s 5 important points for you to know to make sure that this step – the sales step – goes really really smoothly.

What are those 5 steps?

They are:

  1. Making sure the marketing has done the heavy lifting.
  2. Focusing on the conversation—it is a conversation!
  3. Answering the questions’ assumptions.
  4. Explaining the next steps.
  5. Actually taking the order.

They’re the 5 – let’s go into the detail of each now –

Step #1 is make sure you’ve done the previous 4 steps?

A lot of people try and have a sales conversation before they’ve done the ground work and before they understand their Avatar, before they understand the specific offer, and then the marketing to do the heavy lifting for them.

If you haven’t already, revisit the Leverage Blueprint here –

Assuming you’ve followed all prior steps correctly, there should be someone who wants to talk to you at this point who has pretty much all of the questions answered – and they’re ready to talk to you to go to that next level with you!

So #1 is making sure that the marketing has done the heavy lifting before you get to sales.

Step #2 is this: Remember that sales is a conversation.

It’s not a pitch.

I was about to say that you shouldn’t be nervous about it, but that comes with everyone from whatever position you’re in for however long you’ve been doing it.

There’s always going to be some type of nerves—almost like a performer on stage, they’ll always have those nerves before they get on stage even though they might be the best at what they do and that’s, that’s a good thing.

What you want to do is be able to use that in a positive way to just have a natural conversation, really comfortable conversation with someone who is really interested in finding out more about you and your products and services.

So step #2 is making sure it is a conversation.

It’s about being curious — wanting to find out about the other person and how you can add value to them.

That’s step #2.

Step #3 is to expect what this conversation’s about.

Now if you’ve done the marketing properly, and the heavy lifting properly, you should be at the point where you’re answering any questions that the person has.

Answering any assumptions that they have.

And if you can answer all the questions and assumptions they’ve asked, and likely answered ones they haven’t asked too (from your understanding of your audience, and the problems they have), they’ll next say to you:

“Okay, I’ve got nothing else to ask now, Jamie. What’s the next steps?”

And because you should have found out already in this conversation what they need, then what position they’re in from a business, or a life, however you are helping them, then you’ll know the best next step for them.

Remember too: the best next step might be that you can’t help them, and they should go to someone or somewhere else for help. That’s an ok answer too.

You’ll know the best path for the person you’re talking to. You’ll know the best that’s suited for them.

So that’s what you’re going to be doing next.

You’re going to be explaining the next steps.

And that’s point #4 by the way:

#4 – explaining the next steps.

You’re going to give them even more confidence that you have a framework of what’s coming next.

A framework you’ve developed <<continue from here>>

So that framework builds even more trust into the bigger thing that’s about to come. This conversation might be—the conversation you’re having now might be part of a free conversation.

You might be charging for this as a chargeable session, consulting session, but they’re going to go to the next level with you. They’re going to look to pay more money with you and you want to give them that confidence that you’re in control and you’re an expert at what you do, so have a framework. That’s what you’ve already defined in step #3: your offer. Okay? So, you can have a conversation with that really comfortably because you’ve done that prep work.

And then the last step of 5 steps is take the order, okay?

This is the point where you want to lead them by the hand—literally or figuratively—and if you’re over the phone, I do a lot of my work here over the phone with people all over the world, and I would say, “Okay, go to this webpage here. Here’s the information, here’s the buy now button and when you click on it there comes the order form and that’s where they put the credit card in.”

And so that’s leading someone to be able to complete that order.

I hear of some people who would e-mail a form and follow-up in a couple of days or yeah, you can go to my website and get the information.

That’s too generic and that increases the risk of them getting distracted and going off somewhere else, and therefore losing the opportunity.

I’m not talking about pressure selling, I’m talking about, they’ve made a decision, they’re ready to move now and they’re looking to you as the expert to take them to that next step Okay?

And part of that step is taking the money to go to that next step in your process—in your offer. So #5 is making sure you take that order.

A Quick Recap…

So, those are the 5 steps, I’ll go through them very quickly again:

  1. Making sure the marketing has done the heavy lifting.
  2. Focusing on the conversation—it is a conversation!
  3. Answering the questions’ assumptions.
  4. Explaining the next steps.
  5. Actually taking the order.

You do this properly you’re going to be able to complete the sales process. If people ask questions that come up every—quite regularly, great! Take those questions; put them back into the marketing. Build up your marketing education, so that when people come to you those questions have already been answered. That’s the step prior. Now, you’ve completed the sales step successfully. It’s easy for me to say then you’re going to move into step 6 now, which is delivery, and I’ll talk about that in another video.

This is Jamie. Any questions at all, please feel free to put them in the comments. I’m getting a lot of e-mails off people with feedback on how they’re going and progress. Feel free to comment here as well and get to share it with others who are watching these videos.

So, this is Jamie.

Have a great day, bye for now!