Step 6 – Your Delivery

In today’s video we talk through the Step 6 in the 7 Step Blueprint – your delivery which is going to start giving you more and more leverage to grow your business.

In this video:
00:37    A quick recap on the 7 Step Blueprint
01:33    The three levels of delivery
03:17    Making money while you sleep
03:43    Extra tip in delivery

Step 6 in the 7 Step Blueprint – Your Delivery

In today’s video, I want to talk to you about Step 6 in the 7 Step Blueprint.  It’s all about delivery, and the different types of delivery, which is going to start giving you more and more leverage to grow your business, to give you back more time, and ultimately to make you more money.

So let’s get into it.

Hey, this is Jamie, and the video today is Step 6 in the sequence of 7 Steps of my Leverage Blueprint.  Before I jump into step six of your delivery, what I’m going to do is just roll the tape just so you have an understanding of all the seven steps together, and then I’m going to jump straight into step six for you.

So let’s roll the tape now.

Okay, so that was the 7 Steps, and this is all about Step 6 – your delivery.  So, you’ve sold something now, your marketing’s worked, you’ve got your perfect type of clients, and now you have to deliver what you promised.  So, now it’s all about how to deliver in a smarter way.  Today, most professionals deliver one to one; if you’re in the services business, you deliver one to one, whether you’re a coach, a consultant, an accountant, a lawyer, you deliver most of the time one to one, or you have staff who do it for you and/or with you.  But how can you start being smarter with your delivery?

The Three Levels Of Delivery

So, there’s three levels of delivery: There’s the

  1. one to one
  2. one to many, and the
  3. none to many

And I’ll explain these each.

The one to one, as I’ve talked about it, is you working one on one with someone, and in that space, you’re pretty much limited by charging by the hour, so you sell your time for money.  It’s not very good in terms of leverage; you’re going to hit a cap, even if you keep increasing your prices, you’re going to hit a cap with how many hours you have in a day in a week.

From a one to many it’s how do you start moving your products and services and your delivery into group format.  Whether that’s face to face to a group, whether that’s virtual, which is a lot of what I do, I have some face to face group, but I also have a lot of virtual groups, being here in New Zealand, I look after people all over the world, all through the power of technology.  So, how can you do that, too?

And then the none to many is when you’re able to package your product or service, almost like the 7 Step Blueprint, I could package this up and then I could create MP3’s, I could create workbooks, the video series that we have now, I can package that up and then I could sell that; and that in itself is a course that people could follow, people can work out for their own business, and they can get results for their own business.

How To Be Smarter In Delivery

So, there’s an example, and that’s a none to many, that means it doesn’t need my time once it’s set up, and that is an asset in my business.  So, the question for your business is, what process do you have, what framework do you have that’s unique to you, or maybe you have a framework that you’ve got a license to use, and then how can you package that up so it runs without you when you’re not there?

Literally making money while you sleep, which allows you then to have extra funds to be able to invest likely in more marketing, likely in more resources to package up more of your IP, to be able to build more assets in your business, and you can probably see where that will take you in terms of growing your business.

An Extra Tip For You

So, that’s how to be smarter in delivery.  Three levels of delivery – and as an extra tip, you probably already worked this out, but if you haven’t, as an extra tip in delivery is how can you start documenting your processes and your steps to start giving you leverage to be able to then step back from the day to day, to be able to do really what you’re very, very good at and still have either people or processes, or even technology, running the behind the scenes for you.  This is all under the delivery space, which is easy for me to say, and think about that for your business.

This was Step 6, and in the next video, in the last video, we’re going to talk about Step 7, and that’s about support.  So, that’s the 7 Steps.

Any questions at all with your delivery, feel free to comment below or drop me an e-mail at and I’d love to help out.

This is Jamie, have a great day.