Step 7 – Your Support

Here’s the final step in the 7 Step Leverage Blueprint – Your Support which can be a great way to generate more repeat sales and referrals for your business.

In this video:
00:39  The final step in the Seven Step Blueprints
02:18  Setting up systems to be able to leverage you
02:56  Building extra levels of support
04:32  Insights on how you can get smarter with support

Step 7 of the 7 Step Blueprints – Your Support

In this video I’m going to be talking about Step 7 – Your Support. It is the last step in the 7 Step Leverage Blueprint, which is really easy for me to say. Though this one, if you miss out, could be a bottle neck which will stop your growth and also if you support properly it can be a great way to generate more repeat sales and referrals so let me explain it.

Let’s get into it.

Hey my name is Jaime. Today’s video is all about Step 7- Your Support. This is the final step in the 7 Step Leverage Blueprints. Before I jump into the Step 7 what I will do is, I want to assume that you have watched the other six so I’m just going to quickly go over the 7 Steps so you understand how they all fit together and then we will jump into the last set step. Step 7- Support.

So let’s roll the tape now and go back and review those 7 steps before we go into this step now.

Okay so that’s the 7 steps, and the last step is Support.  So you have marketed, you’ve got your perfect customer, you’ve delivered likely a great service and great result for them. What happens next? Now if you are in the commodities market if your selling something that is classed as a product that is almost like a factory. Whether it’s actually a physical product or whether it is a service, let’s say building websites or support in websites, building documents, whatever it is that you build and create. Whether it’s a delivering a coaching service or consulting, there are going to be some areas of support that appear outside, really on the backend, the best way to say it.  And the question is, “How do you cater for that today?”

Now most people will just deal with support as a one on one type of service.  You will get a question and you will the deal with it answer it and repeat back. But what I have found working with my clients and working in my groups where I’m advising people is, if you repeat yourself time and time again then you are going to be able to set up systems to be able to leverage you from having to do that repetition.

What do I mean by that? Well whether it is support of your clients and whether it is support of your staff to have a knowledge base would be a really great asset in your business. Why? Because when people have questions and if it is a question you get asked regularly then they can stop asking you and go to the system that you have populated with the answers. That applies to both staff and customers.

Extra Levels Of Support To WOW A Customer

Also in your business, how could you build in extra levels of support to be able to WOW a customer in terms of getting such a great after service result that they just want to talk about you to a lot of other people?  Examples for me is that we have a system, an online system, that when people log call windows or a ticket, it is logged into a system so;

A – they are never lost and

B – so we can make sure there is accountability on our side and

C – the communication flows really well between us and customers.

That starts moving into seamless support.  One of my consulting clients didn’t want to take on any more delivery, didn’t want to take on any more customers because he was spending so much time on support. Probably about 4 to 5 hours a day on support and that was just draining him and he wasn’t able to focus on what he was good at. This was as his business was growing and his bottleneck moved from marketing into delivery and then it moved into support. So everything was flowing beautifully then he hit the bottleneck of support and he didn’t want to do anything else.

How You Can Get Smarter With Support

So we implemented a knowledge base for him, which allowed customers to answer their own questions. We also took a lot of the questions in the support side and moved it further up into the marketing to be able to ask frequently asked questions. We also built into one someone board a product service and delivery. We documented it into automated emails, which fed out to customers after they joined which answered the standard questions that people would ask.

There are just some ideas for you and it’s going to be different depending on your business.  But those are just some insights on how you can get smarter with support. And then when you do really well with support and you can ask for referrals, you can ask for testimonials. And when you get that information, that can flow back around into the marketing and then you have a beautiful cycle.

That is Step 7 off of the Leverage Blueprint. As you work your way through all of those you are going to find strategies or tactics to be able to improve each step for you to be able to have that flow all the way through.

If you have any questions at all on any of the 7steps or just on the support from today feel free to comment below or email me. I’m getting a lot of emails not a lot of people seem to want to comment, but a lot of people emailing through. Email, I’d love to help.

So this is Jamie, have a great day.

Bye for now.