The 7 Step Leverage Blueprint

In this short video I share with you my 7 Step Blueprint I use with my one on one consulting clients:


In this video:
00:13   An opportunity to ask questions to get help
01:11   The 7 Step Framework called “The Leverage Blueprint”
02:31   How can you “WOW” people with delivery
03:53   More strategies and ways to help you

Hey this is Jamie and in today’s video I’m going to share with you my 7 Step Blueprint that I worked through with my consulting clients to get them some fantastic success.

You Get To Ask Questions Too!

I’m going to share that with you, and I’m also going to give you an opportunity to ask questions for your own business for you to be able to get help from me too.

Let’s get into it.

Okay today’s video is all about my 7 Step Blueprint that I used with my consulting clients.

In today’s video I’m going to walk you through those 7 Steps of the Blueprint and then I’m going to record 7 separate videos to walk you through each one of those steps in more detail – and as part of that I’m going to go through a case study with so you can see how these steps evolve and how you can use every single step in your business.

And as I go through each one of these steps with you, you’re going to have an opportunity to ask questions in the comments below to be able to get my help to answer your questions for your business so you can get ahead.

The 7 Step Framework – the Leverage Blueprint

# 1 – You

Okay most people start in different places of their business. But I find that when I’ve been working with my consulting clients, they may have overwhelmed, they don’t have the rightgoals, they don’t have the right time management skills so you need to start with YOU first. So number 1 is YOU.

# 2 is Your Avatar

Making sure that you focus on the very best person that you can do your very best work with. So number 2 is your Avatar.

# 3 is your Offers

So which products or services are best suited to the Avatar that you’ve just picked?

# 4 is your Marketing

So with your marketing now you know your Avatar and now you know your offers and services. What’s the right marketing to be able to attract your Avatar to the offers or services? That’s # 4 – your marketing.

# 5 is your Sales

If you do the three steps before it correctly then the sales is a very easy sales conversation when someone comes to you and says, “I have that problem”. You talk to them for maybe 15-30 minutes and then they will convert into a client.

So if you do the three steps before it properly which is your Avatar, your Offers and your Marketing, then the Sales which is step 5 in our process is very, very easy.

# 6 is Your Delivery

How can you “WOW” people with delivery? Okay and you know your Avatar, you know the person that you’re talking to so what can you do to make that Avatar go “WOW! That experience has been absolutely fantastic.” So that’s Delivery – step 6.

# 7 is Your Support

After you’ve delivered your product or service, what type of support do you need to have off the back of that product or service? How can you work smarter in this support to really leverage your time and leverage knowledge to help other people?

Why The Order is Important…

Those 7 Steps in order are need to be followed from 1-7 and what you’ll find in this is when you work through those methodically you can get improvements in every single step in your business and that’s going to allow you to leverage your time more and more to build processes in each step and to allow whether that’s leverage to team or to automation andthen that’s going to free you up to be able to run through that same process again for another Avatar and another Avatar or for one Avatar have a different product or service, a different offer and then different marketing.

But this is a framework that I’ve used again and again with success and I’m now sharing it with you here today.

The next video I’m going to go into detail on this step 1 of YOU, okay. But if you have any questions on those 7 Steps – anything at all – please do add in the comments below.

But the next video I’m going to talk about # 1 – YOU and I’m going to into more details and more strategies and ways to help you and that’ll be coming up very shortly.

So this was Jamie, really loving sharing this with you and really looking forward to sharing those 7 Steps.

Any question at all please feel free to comment below and I look forward to talking to you again soon.

Bye for now.

The 7 Step Leverage Blueprint + Ask Any Questions!