Va Va Voom! – How to Sell A Car

Here’s how to sell a car – how could any man say no?

Question: Will it make you want to buy a Renault Clio?

Answer: Probably not…

…but would you share the video with your friends, and over time would they then look at the Renault garage a second and third time as they drove past, wondering: What if?


What Should You Take From This Marketing Video?

Either way, a clever marketing video, built to go viral, to build a brand name, versus make direct sales.

Just like the ‘dont’ press the red button video’, remember that one?

All in good fun.

Just remember, as a smaller entrepreneur, you’re not Renault.

You can’t afford to build your brand.

You need to spend money on marketing that makes you money.

A bit like the google pay per click advertising I ran recently on Automating

So far $300 spent and $24,000 in revenue so far – that’s measurable marketing.

Please do make sure you can do the same.

And if you can’t, maybe we should talk?

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