[Video] How One Idea is Worth Half a Million Pound


In this video:

00:32                A Great Story – “Acres of Diamonds”

01:29                Talking about a five hundred thousand pounds a year business

01:57                Marketing to the “Perfect” type of clients

02:35                Paying Yourself First – for business to move forward

03:04                How to simplify your life?

04:07                Mapping Technique – soon on Jamie McKean website

04:22                Different training for different types of coaches

04:58                Getting ahead from competitors


Hi this is Jamie 

In today’s video I will be talking about:

  • Acres of Diamonds
  • How to pay yourself first?
  • A little trick to simplify your life
  • (From a marketing perspective) How to talk to the “Perfect” clients?
  • And lastly, a little “Behind the Scenes” in my business so you can see what I do in the background

Let’s get into it!

Acres of Diamonds

So first is Acres of Diamonds.

It’s a great story. If you haven’t heard it before, go and Google Acres of Diamonds and have a look at the story. But to cut the long story short, it’s about a guy who is down on his luck, broke and he sold his land to someone else.

The person who brought his farm then found the biggest diamond mine in the region on his land.

So the moral of the story is that you’re likely stood on some fantastic skills and fantastic value – that once you understand your skill-set – you can actually use it to benefit from and live happily ever after.

That’s Acres of Diamonds.

Why Am I Sharing Acres Of Diamonds With You?

Why I tell you about this?

I was talking to a gent recently and he said to me,

“Jamie, if I do want you do, if I package of my ideas and my training that I give to people into online videos – I’ll be able to sell that…

Twenty minutes later we talked through his business and we talked through the structure and it ended up as a five hundred thousand pounds a year business!!

All because he thought differently and he looked at how he could leverage his expertise and I gave him guidance on how we could package that up in a different way.

So that’s ten times the revenue he earns today and most of that is going to be passive.

That’s acres of diamonds.

So what expertise do you sit on that you just need have to be able to get out to the rest of the world?

Your “Perfect” Client

Next is marketing to the “Perfect” type of clients.

When you design your marketing, make sure you design that you’re marketing step by step so you are talking to the “Perfect” type of client that you want to work with.

I’m going to show you in the “Behind the Scenes” near the end: What I’m doing at the moment to be able to take cater my marketing for a very specific type of person that I’m talking to.

But with yours, make sure you understand the step by steps to engage and attract that “Perfect” type of client.

I talked about it in the 30 days Solo Journey Training (thesolojourney.com) and that’s all about Avatar and then the language around the Avatar. So if you want some more about that part of the Solo Journey then sign up for the free 30 days course.

Pay Yourself First

It’s a tip that I – more of a strategy not a tip.

I asked all of my clients to do this that they block out the first hour of every single day to work on their own business first.

They don’t check their emails; they don’t let someone else dictate what they’re going to do for the day.

The first hour is blocked out – no one to update, no emails, no phones, no nothing so they can work on something on their business.

So make sure you pay yourself first to ensure that your business is moving forward and all the people aren’t dictating what you do in a day. 

Keeping it Simple

How to simplify your life? I was thinking about this too:

I was looking at the new Google phone that’s come out the Google, the Nexus 4, and I was looking at it, thinking more that my whole business is Google and that would be a really nice addition to my tech tools. But then a realization is I’ve decided the couple of years ago that I was going 100% Apple which means everything I have is Apple – iPod, iPhone, iUnderwear.

But it just means this: It all works together. So a lot less headaches, it’s a lot less upgrades, it’s a lot less virus worries – all of that!

So for you – if you’re thinking about your home IT or your business IT, just pick one.

Just pick one make, one type and just stick with that. Okay, because that’ll just simplify your life.

It won’t happen overnight, but a simple decision can make life a whole lot easier over time…

That’s how a tip to simplify things moving forward.

“Behind the Scenes”

And lastly, a little “Behind the Scenes” of my business.

Right now, I’m sitting here, mapping out.

(Looking down because I’m looking at the picture I’m about to show you.)

I’ll show you anyway right now.

This is my portable white board, okay, with me in the UK. So what I’ve got here is a map which is basically helping me be able to talk to very specific types of people. You’ll see it developed on my website soon! (On the Jamie McKean website)

And it’s all going to cater around coaches and it going to say, so you’re a coach and I help coaches and I helped coaches for a number of years. But which stage in your business are you – because I have different training for different types of coaches in different levels. And so they’ll be able to pick the perfect stage of training for them to get the best results.

And I’m going to record videos to help explain that as well so that when a coach visits my site then they are lead through to find something that’s perfect for them.

So that’s a little “Behind the Scenes”.

Map Out Your Marketing For Your Ideal Client Too!

That’s the same thing I do with my clients as well.

Mapped out the “Perfect” types of clients and the different types of clients as well and then you change the language to suit.

You make sure that the product and services are specifically designed for those clients.

So if you can put that in your business you’re going to be ahead of most of your competitors who are really just trying to say: “Should I use Twitter“, “ Should I use the newspaper”, “Should I use this” – but they need to go back to the first step of really truly understanding the client.

So hopefully that’s helpful!

That’s all for now for me.

Have a great week your side!

I’ll speak to you again soon.

Bye for now.


p.s. any questions at all, feel free to put them in the comments box below!