[Video] How to Help Your Clients Be More Self Sufficient (and 5 More Tips)


In this video:

00:29   How to help your customers be more self-sufficient
00:45   An example from ProfitPartnershipOnline.com
01:32    How to never forget an idea in the shower again!
02:08   How to protect your website – 4 tips
03:18    A great tool to get into your business today
03:54   The passing of Zig Ziglar
04:37   Something special just around the corner

Hi this is Jamie And today I’m going to give you some ideas on how you can save some time by:

  • helping your customers help themselves
  • how never to lose an idea again
  • The technology that you should already have in your business – one tool that you should have in there today – now – without even thinking about it!
  • Ways that you can protect your website
  • And lastly paying respects to someone who’s just passed

So let’s get into it!

Okay! So how to help your customers be more self-sufficient? Do you sell a product or service? And can you train your clients or customers to do a portion of the work themselves?

Help your clients be more self sufficient

Help your clients be more self sufficient

As an example:

Within Profit Partnership Online (http://profitpartnershiponline.com), we sell websites to people.

Once a website is complete, we give them, built-in, a step-by-step training on how to manage the website by themselves really easily.

That means we don’t get many support calls. That means customers are really happy because they can do everything themselves – they’re empowered to do themselves.

So they have a great customer experience.

How could you do that with the products or services that you sell?

How to Never Lose an Idea Again

I talk about never losing an idea again. Where do you have your biggest ideas?

For me it’s in the shower in the mornings. And if you’ve been following me for a quiet a while you’ve probably seeing a few emails saying that I was thinking about you in the shower.

That’s not spooky or creepy

That’s just where I have my ideas.

And so I thought that there must be a way that I can, not lose my ideas in the shower. Went looking for it, I found a product called AquaNotes. It’s a pad of paper that is protected/ waterproof that you can have in a wall in the shower. Write down your ideas, rip off the piece of paper and take that to your office.

So AquaNotes, go and have a look at it in Google.

That’s also a great example of a very niche product, very specific product. So what type of product do you have in your mind that think “no one might want this or this might sound strange” but likely somewhere in the world there’ll be a need for it and if you’ve got that need you can be that specific. AquaNotes is a great example.

How to Protect your Small Business Website

Some ideas on how to protect your website:

1. If you have anyone looking after your own website, always make sure that their machines are fully secure in terms of virus protection. If you use windows yourself make sure you’ve got virus protection because viruses can go from your computer to your websites if you’re updating it. That’s number one.

2. Use a tool like a CloudFlare that you can install cloudflare.com – You can install that and that will protect your website from any external hacks or injections.

3. If you use WordPress, always, always, always make sure that you have the latest WordPress updated within your self hosted WordPress. And your plugins – make sure you update them very regularly (minimum once a month; best case once a week), because sometimes your website can be affected via old plugins. So make sure those things are updated. If you do use a theme update that too.

An extra little tip is a password manager tool called Passpack that I used with my team. It’s designed to share password and also have very long, almost unbreakable passwords. So the people can’t guess your password and login that way.

So there’s a list of tips for the website for you.

A Great Productivity Tool for Your Business – Highly Recommended!

A great tool that I recommend always for my clients is DropBox.

If you haven’t got DropBox in your business yet, install it. Its hit a hundred million users this month so that goes to show that the amount of people who are relying it and trusting it.

A great service, the first two gig of storage is free. It works on any platform which allows me to work on my Mac, allows me to then get files on my IPad, to go and access the file. Same on my Iphone and same when I share files with clients and team members.

Great service, highly recommended DropBox.com – the link is here: http://jamielikes.me/dropbox

The Passing of Zig Ziglar

And just to finish on a sad note today, the passing of Zig Ziglar – a great guy.He lived to help people. He lived to train people and to help them get better at achieving more goals in their lives. I’ve learned quiet a lot from his lessons in terms of goal setting. I use a portion of what he teaches in my own goal setting programs.

If you have not heard of Zig Ziglar, go and have a look at Ziglar.com. Well if you have heard of him then probably you have seen his passing.  So, look he’s a very religious person and he’s going to be very happy now up in the sky – but a sad day anyway

Now I’m not wanting to end in a sad way, just more respect for Zig.

Website & Mobile Special Soon!

So this was me, Jamie McKean. I’ll be doing a Website Special soon to go over lots to different tips nowadays to help on your website. I’ve also got a Mobile Special on how to work more mobile.

It’s coming up in the next set of videos. So watch out for those!

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That was me. Bye for now.