Wet Fish Face Slap Marketing

You know somethings good when it smacks you across the face like a wet fish.

OK, ok, I know – I haven’t been slapped by a wet fish either recently, but you get my point?

Today’s Marketing Call

In my call this morning on Marketing Can Be Fun we talked about how to frame one problem or result in your marketing with a frame of reference the reader will already have – if you weren’t there, sorry, you missed the call, a tech glitch meant I couldn’t record it, so you can’t listen to this one like you can the others, but great value was had by all of us who were there.

Let me give you an example – this is what my client wrote as a draft after I explained the frame of reference context to him, and to give a little context, last Saturday here in NZ was the second largest lottery draw on record – everyone was excited to have a ticket – $26M up for grabs (and the end result was that one lucky chap won it by the way!) – but on the back of the excitement, here’s what my client wrote:

An Excited Lotto Public…

“So how many of you thought you had a chance in winning the $26 million lotto draw recently?

You know the odds are 38,383,800 to 1?

If I halved those odds for you to 19,191,900 would you get a bit excited and have a slightly bigger smile on your face as you went in to buy your lotto ticket knowing your odds were so much better?

How about I make the prize draw $500,000 and I make the odds of you wining 10,000 to 1. Would you take a ticket in the draw which gave you odds about 20 million or 10 thousand?

What if I gave you odds of 9 to 1 in winning $500,000?

Would you take a ticket in that draw?

Are the odds of 9 to 1 good odds?

So what if I told you one in nine women are diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime.

Do you think it is worth planning, being proactive and getting educated for those odds?

Contact me today at….


What Do You Think About That Marketing?

Powerful isn’t it.

When you switch one frame of reference (the odds) to another end result.

That’ll grab the attention of those who he’s trying to educate and protect.

The best bit about all of that?

It’s mostly my client’s writing – I’m chuffed he can do that now from what I’ve taught him.

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