Why do you think you do what you do?

“Why do you do what you do?”

This was asked of me recently, and little did I know it would change my life.

I’m going to share a very personal journey here.

Every step of this journey you can use for yourself:

“Why do you do what you do Jamie?”

I thought I had the answer, and so rattled it off quickly to the international mastermind group – answering with little thought because it’s the answer I’d given myself over 18 months ago, and I still thought it true today.

I was then shown a different way to look at the same question, and it’s likely just changed my life…

So Why do YOU do what you do? And why’s that question important to you?

A little context for you…

I was part of a mastermind group session recently of fellow Book Yourself Solid (BYS) Coaches, led by Michael Port.

Michael was holding each of us accountable, to make sure we walk the talk with our own business as the solid grounding to help those we’re meant to serve in applying the BYS Marketing System.

First time around the virtual table, the question asked was: “What is your Who and Do What Statement?”

Your Who and Do What

I’ve worked hard to dedicate myself to a specific group of people, and so I shared:
“I help Experts who Coach or Consult get more Clients”

That covers the Who: Experts, Coaches and Consultants
and the What: Get More Clients (through smarter use of Marketing and Technology)

This is one of the most simple ways to talk about what you do when you’re asked, and you can use it too to help you with three things:
1. To start a conversation with the person who asked you, because the asker will usually say next: “OK, How do you do that then?”
2. Helps avoid the usual answer of: “I’m a Consultant, or I’m a Coach, or I’m a Trainer”, and the response from the asker of: “Erm, ok, the weathers nice isn’t it? And the toilet’s over there, right?” (as they point, excuse themselves and quickly head towards the bathroom)
3. Most importantly, If you’re in front of your target market, they already know you’re dedicated to them, and immediately their curiosity kicks in, and they want to know more…

…you can then start to build rapport, trust, credibility and likeability all in one go – a good result from applying a simple forumla.

That’s your “Who and Do What Statement” from the Foundation in Book Yourself Solid.

Your Why You Do It Statement

Next Michael asked the group:
“What’s your WHY YOU DO IT statement?”
“Why do you get out of bed every morning to do what you do?”

My turn came around, and even though I was rocking my relitively placid 12 week old daughter in my arms, I said:

“I’m wired to help people”

That’s why I do what I do – I came up with that 18 months ago, and it resonated so soundly inside of me, that I’ve use that every time someone asks me.

There was a moment of silence, and then Michael said:
“That’s for you Jamie.
That’s inside of you, and when you look inwards, that’s what you see.
But what impact do you want to have on others?
Why are you wired to help others?
What is the result you’re wanting?”

What a Great Question

Bugger me.

Good question.

I then realised, if I was to say to someone “I’m wired to help”, they’ll say: “That’s nice Jamie”, with a gentle tap on the shoulder and an approving look.

Why? Because it sounds like I’m trying to do good, which I am – but good for what?

Good for what?

That’s where the question led me in my mind.

What am I trying to achieve in life?

What do I want to get up every morning and be dedicated to as my purpose?

(at every step here you should be asking and answering the questions for yourself)

Let’s use the “Five Why’s” problem solving exercise, and see where it takes us…

#1 Why am I wired to help people?

I love and am passionate about helping those who want help acheive more through helping others

#2 Why?

…because I know how much hard work it is to be a leader in any field, to stand out from the crowd of followers – the type of dedication you need to succeed and I know it’s much easier when you have the right type of help

#3 Why?

…because I’ve spent the years learning, working hard, making mistakes, adding scar after scar of experience to my back and my bank account, in the journey to discover what’s right for me to be a leader in my own right, to help others

#4 Why?

…I’ve spent years knowing I wasn’t on the right path, constantly following, but wanting to stand-out and lead, to help others. To add or create something that’s out there, that’s much bigger than me

#5 Why?

…There’s something bigger out there for all of us, if we want it with a passion.

And I know that if you believe that too, you’ll find it more quickly with my help, than if you try it alone.

Bugger me.

I think I’ve found it

(NOTE: As I was writing this, I was stopped in my tracks for 20 minutes after writing the last section because it had such an impact on me)

Let me put my who and do what and my why I do it statements together:

“I help Experts who Coach or Consult get more Clients”


“I believe there are certain types of people who genuinely want to make a positive impact on others with their products or services, and I want to help as many of them as possible take their impact to a larger audience”

Thank you for being part of my personal therapy session.

Now let me ask you:

“What’s your Who and Do What Statement?”

…and then ask yourself Why?

“Why do you do what you do?”

To help out…

As a helper for you, there’s three ways to move forward here:
1. Sit and have a go on this by yourself, and ask for any help in the comments below
2. Buy Michael’s Book, and work thorugh the step by step questions – link is here: Book Yourself Solid
3. Get in touch with me if you’ll get a better result talking it through with someone: Contact Me