Step 2 – Your Avatar

One of the key pieces to success, using my 7 step blueprint, is understanding and focusing on a specific Marketing Avatar for your business – I explain it all for you here:


In this video:
00:40 A quick recap of the 7 Steps Blueprint
01:51 Getting into the concept of Avatar
03:22 A guide to your Avatar
04:24 The three avatars for as an example

Why You Need Avatar for Business Success?

Hey, in this video I’m going to go into step two of my seven step blueprint, and step two is all about your avatar. Why you need to know about your avatar and also how many avatars you have in your business, for ultimately, your business success.

So, let’s get into it.

Hey, this is Jamie McKean from and today this video is all about your Avatar; step number two, Avatar.

Now, I’m not going to make an assumption that you’ve watched the other video, so what I’m going to quickly do is rewind the reel, and I’m going to quickly go through the seven steps for you, in terms of the 7 Steps Blueprint.

So, let’s do that now.

A Recap of the 7 Steps Leverage Blueprint

So, the seven steps of my Leverage Blueprint are:

Step #1- You

Step #2 – Avatar

Step #3 – Your Offers

Step #4 – Your Marketing

Step #5 – Your Sales

Step #6 – Your Delivery

Step #7 – Your Support

So there are the seven steps in order, and if you want to find out more details about those, go back and visit the Seven Steps Blueprint Overview video, and we’ll get back into, now, the detail of this step we’re on today.

Learn the Concept of Avatar

Okay, so let’s look at number two, your Avatar.

What do I mean by your Avatar?

Now, I don’t mean the big blue bloke out of the film with the big tail; what I mean as an Avatar is the type of person that you’re looking to do business with. Now, it’s very specific. An Avatar – you may have used a Nintendo Wii, or one of those controllers, and you can – you have the little person and you can switch their hair, and you can switch their eyes, almost like a police sketch artist. An avatar is the perfect picture of your perfect client.

The important point to note, though, is that you probably have five to ten to fifteen Avatars’ as customers in your business today. So what you want to do is, you need to identify these Avatars and then you want to be able to then pick one to go through the remaining five steps from here, because when we get to step number three, offers, and step number four, marketing, you’ll take one Avatar with you. You’ll be able to repeat this whole process for another Avatar, but you take one Avatar with you from this point.

One key problem and challenge most businesses have is that they try to be all things to all people, so they try and do an offer for fifteen Avatars, or they try and do a marketing to fifteen avatars, and it just doesn’t work, because it’s confusing because it’s not specific to the Avatar.

So, that’s the concept of Avatar.

What to Know About Your Avatar……

What you’re going to need to know for each of your Avatars is, you’re going to want to know these as a guide: you’re going to want to know values, what values do they have, because you want to align your values with theirs to really be able to enjoy your work together.

Number two is you want to understand their fears and frustrations.What’s holding them back today?

What do they get up in the morning and they’re angry about, or what’s keeping them awake at night?

On the flipside of that, what are their hopes and dreams

What is it that you can help them achieve in their hopes and dreams, and both their fears and frustrations?

Either way, out of those two, they’re going to have road blocks, and so the road blocks are really good for you to understand, because then you’re going to take that into the next step of offers to say, “Okay, what can my product or service be to help them get through their road block that’s in their mind today?”

Let me give you a case study.

An older business I had was “Technology For Coaches”, and was aimed at three avatars, so let me walk you through the process. So, the three avatars are:

  1. A coach who doesn’t mind technology, but is just looking for a way to learn it themselves; so, I have a step by step training program in there for free for them.
  2. Similar to avatar number one, but they also have a team that they need to train as well to give them even more leverage. Again, my step by step training video was designed for them, because then they can pass it to their team to watch as well. So, those are avatar number one and avatar number two.
  3. A coach who doesn’t like technology; doesn’t want to know about technology, and possibly technology stresses them out or is holding them back. Number three is really my focal point for Technology For Coaches because my team delivers services, products and services, to be able to help that type of coach.

So there’s an example with “Technology For Coaches” where there’s three different avatars, and I understand them intimately because I spend a lot of time with other coaches, helping other coaches, and I hear their questions, their frustrations, their hopes, their dreams, all of those things, you hear it as part of your day to day business.

So, how can you apply that for your business?

And if you have any questions on any of this from today for your Avatar, feel free to put it in the bottom, into the comments below.

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This is Jamie, really enjoyed sharing this with you today.

Bye for now.